We all want secure reselling of our devices and for this, we always erase data from devices before selling it out. But the only concern we all have is whether it is enough to simply erase data?

So the answer is always a big No because only a simple delete procedure will not be enough as there are some data chunks left behind on the device and it makes it easy for hackers and scoopers to easily retrieve and misuse it.

Then which is a reliable option for deleting personal stuff so no one can ever recover it. So, we are here to discuss how to erase data permanently from devices

How to Erase Data Permanently from Device Micro card:

Simple Format:

For erasing data from your SD card, open the setting app on your phone then navigate to storage select the SD card option scroll down to select Erase SD card if acquired enter your PIN then continue Erasing. This is said to be simple formatting of SD card, still, your personal stuff is at risk so for a permanent erasing of stuff follow a reliable Hack below.


How to erase data permanently from devices using Layering is said to be a widely used and reliable process for erasing your personal stuff.  Now formate your SD card and fill its empty space with some of the junk stuff for example if your SD card has 6GB space after formatting fill 6GB junk stuff in it and then again format it. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times. Now your SD card is secure from recovering your personal stuff if someone tries to recover data then he will only able to recover junk stuff rather than your personal stuff.


Erase Data from Cell Phones:

Android Phones :

If you are planning to sell your android device. Delete your data before selling it for securing it from jackleg. Each Android device may have different paths for erasing stuff but the main option is always the same known as Factory Reset, by using this option you can delete your data with simple clicks.

Factory Reset:

  • Make sure to create a backup for your personal data by using your Google Account or by saving it on your PC.
  • After saving all your data, go to the setting option on your phone
  • Head towards System and security
  • Tap on the reset option and select the Factory reset option.

If you want a secure Factory Reset then make sure to encrypt your device before reset because a simple reset will not secure your personal files and make it easily able to recover them. so if you don’t want someone to recover your files then enable hardware encryption before factory reset. Google has encrypted all its devices after android 6 by default.

File Shredder:

How to erase data permanently from devices using a file shredder is using a third-party app for a secure erasing of your stuff, this will permanently delete your remaining files which are not visible on your phone but still being there to recover. There are various file shredders available on the play store which you can download and use, these apps allow you to overwrite your data with junk files. Each overwritten cycle lowers the risk of recovery.

  • Download a File shredder from the Play store
  • Open File Shredder App and select Internal Storage Option.
  • Select a Shredding tool given by App
  • Confirm shredding so no data will recover in the future.

Manual Shredding:

You can also manually do this procedure for your surety. This is the most reliable and effective method for shredding your data as it minimizes the chance of your personal stuff recovery.

  • Follow the above-mentioned Factory Reset method for deleting your files.
  • Restart your device without entering your account or email information.
  • Fill up your Empty space with Junk media and files.
  • Then again Factory Reset it.

Each time when you Reset your phone there is some information or data left behind which can be recovered using different software. so if you follow this procedure 2 to 3 times then there will be only junk stuff left when someone recovers it. In this way, your personal stuff is secured from recovery.

Manual shredding to erase data

IOS Phones:

Like Android devices IOS devices also keep a record of your deleted files, hence making it possible for hackers to recover them easily. if you are giving your phone to your loved ones or selling it make sure to properly dispose of your personal data so no one is ever able to recover it.

As mentioned above like Android devices IOS devices are also encrypted by default. you can delete your stuff by using the different procedures for making it difficult for hackers to recover it.

Factory Reset:

The factory reset option will delete all your data including photos, videos, contacts, emails, messages, and installed apps. But Factory reset is the worst way to delete your data. Make sure to Backup your data before Performing Reset.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Reset option.
  • Select Erase all Content and Settings.
  • Tap on Erase Now
  • Enter your passcode and Apple ID password
  • Now you have successfully reset your device.

File Shredder:

Like Android file shredders there are also various file shredders for IOS phones which makes it easier for anyone to securely delete their personal data.

  • Start by Downloading a File Shredder on your PC you can choose any suitable File shredder.
  • Then connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Select Erase tool.
  • Confirm by tapping Ok.
  • Data erasing completes.
Erase data from iPhone

Erase Data from PC:

Like your other devices, your PC also saves your data after deleting it. When you erase data by pressing shift+ delete it will only delete pointers in your PC this deleted file is saved on your recycle bin and from there you can easily store it again by selecting the Restore option.

Reset PC:

Reset your PC to completely wipe out your data including software, media, and documents completely. This process includes simple steps for deleting your data, but before resetting your pc make sure to backup your personal data on a USB or another hard disk.

  • Head towards windows on your PC and click on Settings.
  • Scroll down to select Updates and security.
  • Choose the Recovery option.
  • Click on Reset PC.
  • Choose Remove everything.
  • Click on Additional Settings.
  • Then enable both options.
  • Click on reset.
  • This will take a long time depending on your Hard disk.


Cipher is an in-built window tool for deleting data through this method you can overwrite the deleted files on your PC.

  • Launch Window Power Shell.
  • Enter command cipher /w:<filepath>
  • Now this will overwrite your deleted data.
  • this will only overwrite your deleted files so make sure to create a backup for your deleted data.

Software Wipe:

Using software to erase data is a more effective way than resetting it. for this purpose there is a variety of software is available that you can use for securely deleting your data. All you have to do is to download suitable software according to your PC and then follow instructions accordingly. In this way, you can easily erase data without putting it at risk of recovery.

Manual Wipe:

Although a PC reset is a good option for your satisfaction, you can also erase data from the PC manually by layering it with Junk media and files. This is a widely used Hack for secure deleting of your data.

  • Back up your personal data and then Reset your PC by the above-mentioned steps.
  • Then start your PC without entering your accounts.
  • Fill your space with junk files and media.
  • Then again Reset it.

By following this procedure no one will be able to access your personal stuff if someone makes a recovery he will access junk files that are deleted recently.

erase from PC


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