Instagram offers various tools and features to make your stories look elegant and attractive. One of them is to add music to the Instagram story. In this article of stepshowto, you will learn how to add music to Instagram stories. Moreover, you can easily add, music of your own choice. Instagram offers a variety of music from its library and many other live-streaming apps. However, adding music to the story is simple if you follow our steps.

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Method 1 Add Music To Instagram Story By Using Stickers Icon

Step 1 Access Instagram Story

Firstly, Open your instagram from your mobile, and open your Instagram story. Then choose your desired picture or video to which you want to add music.

Open Instagram story to add music

Step 2 Select Sticker Icon

Secondly, after selecting a picture or video, there will be multiple options to edit your Instagram story. either, you have to tap on the stickers icon located at top of the cellphone screen or swipe up the screen to open the stickers.

select sticker to add

Step 3 Select Music Icon to Add Music to Instagram Story

After selecting the Stickers icon, tap on the Music Icon as shown in the image. By taping Music icon you will be able to access music library.

select music icon

Step 4 Choose Desired Music

Either select the music from the for you or Browse options, or Search the desired music by using search box, available on top of the screen.

Choose Desired Music

Method 2 Add Music to Instagram Story by Using Spotify

Step 1 Open Spotify App

Open the Spotify app after installing it from the play store or Apple store. The Spotify app provides a variety of songs and music.

Open Spotify app

Step 2 Choose Desired Music

After opening the Spotify, you can choose or search for music of your own choice which you want to add.

search music of your own choice

Step 3 Tap Ellipsis Icon

Thirdly, you have to tap on the ellipsis (three dots) icon. Here many options will appear regarding select music.

tap on ellipsis icon

Step 4 Select Share Option

Now from the ellipsis option, you have to select the Share option. A window will pop-up, where, There will be icons of different apps, if you want to share, but you have to choose Instagram.

select share option

Step 5 Select Instagram Stories from Apps

At last, you have to select Instagram stories to add the music finally. From your Instagram story, you can tap on the music, it will take you to the app.

select instagram stories

Method 3 Add Music by Using SoundCloud

Step 1 Open SoundCloud

Firstly, you have to open the SoundCloud app, where you can listen to the music of your choice. Moreover, it provides you to share music to your Instagram story.

open SoundCloud

Step 2 Choose Music of Your Own Choice

Secondly, you can select the song of your choice from different playlists. By using the Search bar, you can search for music also.

Select or search music

Step 3 Select Share Option to Add Music to Instagram Story

After selecting the song, there appears an icon of Share. Tap on the Share icon then various options will appear to where you can share music.

select share option

Step 4 Tap on the Instagram Stories Option

Finally, you have to select Instagram stories to post the song.

select stories icon

Method 4 Add Music by Using Shazam App

Step 1 Open Shazam App to Add Music to Instagram Story

Firstly, you have to open the Shazam App. This app also provides you with various songs variety. You can also search for music if you let the app listen to some part of it by simply tapping on the Shazam logo.

open Shazam app

Step 2 Search Music

Secondly, select the music that you want to post to your Instagram Story.

search music

Step 3 Select Share Icon

Then You have to click on the SHARE SONG icon.

select share song

Step 4 Select Instagram Stories

Among Different App options, you have to select Instagram stories to post music. Here, you have finally upload your desired song.

select Instagram stories

Method 5 Add Music By Using InShot Editor

Step 1 Open InShot App & Select Video

By using different editing apps, you can first edit your story and then post it on the Instagram story. Here you can use the InShot app to edit and easily add music. So, firstly, you open the Inshot app and select desired picture or video to edit.

open InShot

Step 2 Tap on Music

Secondly, tap on the music option to add music to your image or video.

select music

Step 3Add Music

You can add music by using suggestions or by searching. You can also upload the song from your device. You can also record your voice by tapping on the record icon.

add music

Step 4Select Save

After adding the music, you have to save it. Tap on the save option, which appears in the top-right corner of your device.

select save

Step 5Select Share

After the saving procedure, there will be an option to share this picture or video to your desired app so you can select the Stories icon of Instagram to post the image or video.

select stories after selecting Instagram