If you or any of your family members are having a fever and you are finding ways how to break a fever then we are here to help you out. Mostly fever is not a case of worry because it is not a disease itself however if you are suffering from fever then it might be due to some disease that affects you and shows signs in the form of fever. Usually, fever is due to a viral cold and flu infection.

Viral Fever

The normal body temperature of humans is 98.6 F when body temperature rises above the normal level then you are facing viral or low-grade fever. Viral fever lasts a maximum of 4 -5 days, if you are suffering from viral fever and feel uncomfortable then with some of the following ways you can easily reduce your fever.

Symptoms of Viral Fever

  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Sweating
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Warm skin

How to Break a Fever at Home

1. Hydrate Yourself in Fever

When suffering from fever you should keep yourself hydrated, because fever will be led to dehydration due to sweating. Take enough fluids in the form of water, juices, soups, and even infused tea. Drinking hot fluids will help more than taking cold fluids. Drink maximum water, and consume boiled water because it is free from bacteria and viruses.

hydrate to break viral fever

2. Wear Light Clothes

Doctors suggest that when you are having a viral fever, you should wear light and breathable clothes. If you are suffering from fever then don’t wrap yourself in warm blankets and clothes even if you are having chills because this will raise your body temperature higher. By wearing thin clothes your body will lower its high temperature easily

wear light clothes in viral fever

3. Sponging in Reducing Fever

Sponging is considered as most reliable method when it comes to reducing body temperature. Dip a cloth in lukewarm water and then squeeze out excess water then place a damp cloth on our forehead. Many people use rubbing alcohol in sponging but don’t use rubbing alcohol because your skin glands absorb t and cause poison in your body. Always use lukewarm water and don’t use cold water. You can also take a lukewarm water bath to reduce fever, when bathing keep this in mind do not use cold water, and also don’t run water over your head when having a viral fever.


4. Food and Supplements for Breaking Fever

During fever you should take a healthy diet, often in fever, you lost appetite which will make your immune system weak. Eat enough food that contains protein and probiotics to boost your immune system. Vitamin C supplements and fruits rich in vitamin C also do well in boosting immunity. Using ginger, cinnamon and green tea also helps in reducing low-grade fever.

healthy food

5. Rest

Physical activities in a fever can affect your health so it’s better to rest while you have a fever. When you are sleeping your body will automatically fight illness hence sleeping is important for treating fever.


6. Medicine for Breaking Fever

Over-the-counter medicine will work best for a low-grade fever. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen will help in reducing fever, take medicine’s recommended dosage, and don’t exceed the dosage.


7. Acupressure for Reducing Fever

Applying gentle pressure on specific body points can also help in reducing fever. using your thumb apply pressure behind the fingers. You can also apply pressure by bending your arm and placing your hand on your shoulder then using your thumb to apply pressure at the side of the elbow. Apply pressure in the mid of the foot where the second and third fingers are separated.


Note :

Before taking any medicine and supplements must consult your physician if you are taking any specific medicines. If your fever exceeds up to one week must visit the doctor and seek help when the fever gets high.



4 Ways to Reduce a Fever
How to Reduce a Fever