Burning calories will help in maintaining a healthy weight, do you want to know how to burn calories at home?. A calorie is a unit of energy and is present in all types of food that we consume. In nutritional language fats, sugar, protein, and carbohydrates are great sources of calories. When we consume food we take in protein, fats carbohydrates, and sugar along with calories present in them, to maintain a healthy body shape we have to burn extra calories.

What are Calories?

As we know calorie is a measurement unit of the energy we take through food. Everything that we eat has a calorie count, some foods contain fewer calories while some contain high calories, A 100g of an apple contains 52 calories while 100g f potato contains 77 calories and a pizza slice has 272 calories. Our body needs calories for functioning properly, to keep our heart beating and lungs breathing. When we consume food, during digestion the energy in that food is stored in other molecules and broken down to provide energy when our body needs it.

The energy is used in three ways 10% enables digestion, 20% of energy fuels physical activities, and 70% of energy is needed for basic functioning. An average woman requires 2000 calories while a man requires 2500 calories each day, the calculations are based on average weight, physical activities, age, and muscle mass.

Why Burn Calories?

When we keep on adding calories to our body the excessive amount of calories converts into fat. Every person’s energy requirement is different from others, as well as consumption of energy from the same food also varies. If two persons are eating the same food their calorie is different and the energy they consume from that food also varies. If you consume more calories than your requirement they will convert into fat and led to unhealthy weight gain. But if we burn excessive calories we will be able to lose weight. For this, we have to measure the amount of energy we consumed and used each day.

How to Burn Calories at Home

To lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight you have to burn extra calories, it may sound difficult to burn calories but you can do it at your home with a little effort and motivation. With simple exercises, changes in eating habits, and daily activities you can burn desired calories accordingly.

Move More and Fight Calories

Moving more will burn more calories, whether you are doing small house chores or doing high-intensity exercise. It’s not necessary to take gym tours and use equipment to burn calories, you can do this at your home. By doing exercises and other moving activities you will be able to burn calories.

1. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activities Thermogenesis)

Neat is energy that we used in daily activities rather than sleeping eating and exercising. These activities will burn calories without any hardship, by increasing our neat activities we can easily burn calories to lose or maintain weight. Standing, moving your fingers or feet, and gestures while talking are all included in NEAT. About 100-150 calories can be burned with 1 hour of NEAT activities, studies prove that lean people have more NEAT activities than overweight people.

Calories Burn in 1 Hour 

2. Walking

Walking is the easiest way of burning calories at home, you can walk around your house or in your garden. One minute of the walk can burn about 3-4 calories. If you are in search of simple and easy exercise to burn calories at home then nothing more will help than walking.

 Calories Burn in 1 Min
Walking for burning calories

3. Running

Running is also a simple exercise to burn calories. As with walking this will also don’t need any fancy equipment so you can perform this at your home or in your garden. The faster you run, the more calories you will be able to burn. However,  you can burn 10-16 calories by running for 1 minute.

 Calories Burn in 1 Min
Running for burning calories

4. Aerobics

Aerobic dance is a form of cardio exercise, however,  you can burn 6-8 calories in 1 minute of aerobic. You can try different versions of aerobic dance at your home to burn calories with fun.

 Calories Burn in 1 Min
Aerobics for  burning calories

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is a basic cardio workout that increases heart rate and burns calories. This is a full-body workout, you can perform this as a warm-up or as a routine workout. 1 minute of jumping jack will burn about 8-11 calories.

  • Firstly, stand with your feet apart till shoulders.
  • Then lift your both arms straight upwards.
  • Then jump in this position and clap your both hands together.
  • Finally, return in position and then repeat.
Calories Burn in 1 Min  
jumping jacks for  burning calories

6. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope will burn 7-9 calories in 1 minute. It’s a low leg strengthing exercise that increases heart rate and burns calories.

  • Take a Jumping rope and hold both ends with both hands.
  • Then take it at your backside.
  • Turn it across your head and bring it towards your feet
  • Finally, jump and repeat
Calories Burn in 1 Min 
Jumping rope

7. High Knee Running

You can also practice some high-intensity workouts at home like high knee running. By doing this exercise you can burn a large number of calories in a short time. 30 minutes of high running will burn 240-350 calories.

  • Jump by lifting your knee-high as much as you can
  • Then pump your arms upwards and downwards
  •  Then repeat
Calories Burn in 30 Min 
High knee running

8. Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are also high-intensity cardio workouts like high knee running, which will increase our heart rate and burn calories. 30 minutes of butt kicks will burn about 240-350 calories.

  • Firstly, lift one heel toward the butt
  • Repeat with another one
  • Rapidly repeat while pumping your arms.
Calories Burn in 30 min 
Butt kicks

9. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Exercise will benefit you in burning calories but if you will stick to an unhealthy pattern of eating then you will not be able to maintain a healthy weight in the long run. It’s important to focus on all factors rather than just doing exercise and skipping others.

Many times while urged to burn calories fast, people skip their breakfast. Studies prove that people who skip their breakfast will consume more calories throughout the day as compared to those who take their breakfast. Breakfast will enhance your metabolism which helps in burning calories throughout the day, if you had taken your breakfast then you will consume fewer calories ahead.

Don't skip breakfast

10. Keep Track of Your Calorie Intake

Once you will well aware of how many calories you need daily, it’s better to keep track of your calorie intake to not exceed the limit. You can use a digital scale to count your calorie intake per day. Before eating measure on a digital scale and track down your calories

track calories

11. Food that Burns Calories

Eat a balanced diet, and also add food to your diet which helps in burning calories. Eating fiber-rich fruits and low-fat meat and carbs will help in burning calories.

  • Oats
  • Apple
  • Berries
  • Eggs
Take calorie burning food

12. Take Meals in Small Portions

Rather than eating your meals in a traditional style that is breakfast lunch and dinner, divide them into small portions. Eat small portions of meals throughout the day in this way you will be able to burn more calories. Take a gap of a maximum of three hours between each portion to reduce your hunger and fasten your metabolism.

Take small meals

13. Spicy Meal Burns More Calories

Spice in the meal will burn calories fast, as studies have shown that eating peppers will boost your metabolism and burn calories. If you are not sensitive to spices you can add red pepper flakes to your meal or you can have your meal along with pickled peppers to burn calories.

Add spices to meal

14. Drink Coffee, Green Tea, and Black Tea

Consuming a healthy amount of caffeine, green tea, and black tea will also help in burning calories. They will increase your metabolism 10% faster by burning calories and blocking the absorption of carbohydrates. make sure to take your cup without sugar and cream.

Drink Caffeine

15. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Eight glasses of water per day are suggested to keep yourself hydrated, it has numerous benefits including calorie burning. drinking eight glasses of water per day will burn 100 calories per day. Water will also keep you full and stop to intake of extra calories.

keep hydrated

16. Sleep Enough to Burn Calories

An Adult will need 7-8 hours of good sleep for the body to function properly. If you are following a healthy dietary pattern with exercises but hardly get a peaceful sleep then it will be difficult for you to burn calories. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep for better functioning.

sleep well



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