PDF format is helpful when you need to save and protect files, as they can not be modified or edited. Moreover, PDF files can be shared or printed easily, without any loss. But restriction to edit and modify a file available in PDF format, is a good and as well as has a bad side. Some documents needs to be updated according to current situations or updated knowledge. Hence, you should know, how to convert pdf to word document, as in word document or .doc file can be edited and modified, and there are no such edit restrictions as .pdf has.

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Method 1 Convert PDF to Word Using MS Word

Step 1 Open MS Word

It's a simple method to convert a pdf file to a word document using Microsoft office. First, open the MS Word document and stop here. Don't select any option (like blank document etc.) and proceed to the following steps.

open word document

Step 2Drag the Pdf File in the Word Document

Then drag the desired pdf file to the word document's menu. The following prompt message will appear on your screen, and you have to just press the OK button.

press ok button

Step 3Enable Editing Option for PDF file

Now the word document has been opened. At the top of the document, there is an option of Enable Editing press it. Afterward, the pdf document will be open in editing mode.

enabling editing

Step 4Save As Word Document

Now go to File Menu and select the Save As option. The following window will appear, and you have to save it. You can easily rename it if you want. Finally, you successfully converted your pdf to a word document.

Save As Word Document

Method 2 Convert PDF to Word Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 1Select Tools Menu

Open the pdf file in adobe acrobat pro and select the Tools option from the menu bar.

Select Tools Menu

Step 2Select option menu

Now, we have to choose the option. Here various options will appear under the heading Create and Edit. Regardless of other options, you have to select the Export PDF option

Export PDF

Step 3Select Format

Select the Microsoft word(Word Document) format. It will convert your pdf file to a word document. Furthermore, you can also modify (include images or not, comments or not, etc.) your documents, by using the icon of the setting available next to Microsoft word format.

Choose word document format

Step 4Export PDF as word document

At last, your document is ready to use. You can click on Export and then save it. Moreover, you can save it to your desired location.

Export PDF As Word Document

Method 3 Convert PDF to Word Using Online Software

You can use different free online softwares available on the internet. For example, small pdf, adobe, etc. But here we are using pdf.online

Step 1Search For PdfOnline

Firstly, open your chrome browser and search for pdf online in google. The following results will appear. You have to select the first site, the website of the pdf online converter.

search google for pdf online

Step 2Select PDF to word Option

The various option will appear regarding Pdf conversion from which you have to select the Pdf to Word converter.

Note: You can easily use this site for the conversion of pdf to any other format.

Select PDF To Word Option

Step 3Select PDF file

Meanwhile, you have to select the file which you want to convert. However, you can upload your file or get it from DropBox or google drive. After that, select the option Select File. Give the file path where there is pdf file on your laptop. The PDF file will appear on the screen in pdf format.

Select PDF file from your laptop

Step 4Click on Convert

After that, click on the convert button and wait for processing. It will take a few seconds.

Select PDF file from your laptop

Step 5Click on Download button

At last, your pdf file is converted to a word document. Just click on the download button or icon available on the side of the word document.

Select PDF file from your laptop