If you are thinking to create a website either to promote your own business or as a freelancer, don’t forget to consider WordPress as your content management system. Nowadays in 2021, it is the most preferred CMS not only in the USA but around the globe. A person having very little or no knowledge can able to create a WordPress website easily. Here in this article, I will guide you about how to create a WordPress website on localhost as well as on a live server from your very first step.

If you have decided to go with WordPress, and you are an absolute beginner, don’t worry, Just decide, either you want to practice it on localhost or directly want to go live on a webserver. Here I will briefly describe both, step by step.

How to Create a WordPress Website on Localhost

For creating a WordPress website on localhost, you have to follow the following steps

Localhost setup

Firstly, Download and install XAMPP on your computer according to your operating system.
Secondly, Download links >> Xampp for windows Xampp for Linux Xampp for Mac / OS X
Then, Open the Xampp control panel and start Apache and MySQL services as shown in the image.

start apache and MySQL services

WordPress Download and Setup

Now download WordPress files
Download wordpress
Extract these compressed WordPress files and place them to htdocs under xampp folder. This Xampp folder can be found under C:\xampp\htdocs or C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs in widows or /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs in Mac.
Rename WordPress file. (write your desired website name)

create name of your website in local host

WordPress installation

Open any browser and type http://localhost/folder name/ and press enter. (folder name: you renamed the wordpress folder. For mine it is https://localhost/Bismillah)
Select your desired Language and press continue. Then in next window click on “Let’s go !” Button. in My case I will go with English (United state) version.

chose language for your wordpress website

Database Creation

Open a new tab of your browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ then press enter.
Type any name for your database and click on Create button as in Image. I have created the database “Bismillah_database”

how to create database for wordpress website in local host

Establish connection between WordPress and database

Now switch back to the WordPress configuration tab and enter the following details
Database name: Name of your database created in step 9.
User name: type root in the username field
Password: Leave password field empty
Database Host: type localhost in database host field name
Table prefix: write any prefix for database table e.g wp_, xp_ any_
Press Submit button.

wordpress configuration : how to establish database connection

WordPress installation wizard

A new window will appear. Just hit the Run the installation button to start the installation of your first WordPress website on the local server.

wordpress configuration: wordpress installation final step

wordpress Website Basic setup (Name, username and password)

The welcome screen will appear, where you have to provide some basic information so that you can access the WordPress website’s Admin panel.
Site Title: Enter your site title(it will appear on top of the website page)
Username: Define your user name so that you can use it to access the admin panel of your WordPress website.
Password: Define any password. it must be strong to ensure the security of your website.
Your Email: Type your email to associate with the website.
Search engine visibility: Chose whether search engines crawlers, crawl and index the website pages, posts, and contents or not.
press the Install WordPress button to begin the installation.

wordpress installation: setup website name, Username and password

Access to admin Panel of WordPress website

In the next window press, the Log in button, or in the browser, type https://localhost/Bismillah/wp-login.php to access the login form.
Enter your username and password and press Log in Button to access your WordPress admin panel.

login form to access admin panel of WordPress website.

You have created your first website on localhost and accessed the admin panel of your website. You can open your website by entering https://localhost/your website name/ in your browser.

How to Create a WordPress Website on Live Server

Creating a WordPress website on a Live Webhosting server depends upon the server interface. Some server provides a wizard-based WordPress installation while another support manual WordPress configuration. Here I will discuss both methods with a professional tip.


When you want to work on a live server, you must have administrator access to that server. Choosing a server is not a simple thing for professional websites but for beginners or simple websites, it’s not so tricky. Choose any cost-effective server according to your desire. I suggest iPage or name cheap, as both provide very cost-effective services.

Buy iPage server >> iPage , Price 1.99 USD per month

Wizard-based website creation on iPage

For Setup wizard-based installation, you have to follow the following steps

Starting setup wizard

Login to your iPage server admin panel and click on the name of your desired domain for which you want to create your website. Click on the WordPress menu located in the left-hand side menu. Then click on Get started button.

installation wizard installation

Setting up website title

Use the existing plan to start the wizard and write the title of your website in the text box, in iPage Setup Wizard and Click on the continue button.

Setting up WordPress website title on live server

Setting up admin account

Write your Username, Email, and Password for your admin account and click on the install WordPress button to initiate installation. Note that the password must contain the following mandatory items in it:

  1. Minimum 8 characters
  2. Minimum 2 numbers
  3. Must have an upper case letter
  4. Have a lower case letter
  5. Must have special symbol
setting up admin account

Accessing Website Dashboard

Wait for the completion of WordPress installation. After completion clicks on the manage site button to access the WordPress website dashboard. For further accessing use URL: yourdomian/wp-admin and get login using username and password defined in wizard.

accessing word press dashboard

After successful creation of the website I recommend following the step-by-step guide How To Install a WordPress Theme – Easy Guide to install a WordPress theme in your website.


I am not computer literate. can I able to create a WordPress website?

Yes anyone either computer literate or not, can able to create and manage a WordPress website easily. The difference is that it will be easier to create a WordPress website for computer literate than those who are not computer literate.

Why WordPress is proffered on any other CMS?

WordPress has a huge community in the world, due to which availability of any theme and plugin is easy. Similarly, it is secure and easy to manage CMS.

Why Xampp is needed for creation of WordPress website?

Xampp is only needed when we are creating a WordPress website over localhost. If we are on a live web server, then there is no need to download and install Xampp on your computer.

Which webserver do I chose for my testing WordPress website?

There are plenty of servers available online which offer great deals, chose any one of your own interest. However, iPage servers are easy to use, and their support is great, that’s why I prefer iPage for the testing phase over others.

what to do after creation of first website?

You have to find the best theme for you according to website functionality and have to install it on your website. similarly, have to install plugins according to need and need to make some basic designing and functionality work. Furthermore, for each step, stepshowto offers the best article. my suggestion is to follow them. first, start with how to install a theme on a WordPress website.

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