How to cure Psoriasis? Well it is a chronic disease that causes red, itchy scaly patches, and inflammation on the skin at specific parts of the body. Its most commonly appears on the knees, elbow, trunk, and hairs. Furthermore, it occurs due to a weak immune system or might be by genetic inheritance. When your body’s skin produces new cells repaid at the deepest layer of the skin until they reach the outer surface of the skin, where they die and flake off. This process is taking 3 or 4 weeks, as a result, the cells are not fully matured and build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. However, this disease has no proper medicated cure which could reduce it completely. The medicine that doctors recommended is temporary while home remedies really do work. Here you will get some curable solutions of How to cure this disease.

Major Types Of Psoriasis


It is rapidly spreading all over the world many people are suffering from it commonly. Furthermore, a maximum of 80 to 90 percent of people have got it in Pakistan. it can appear in any part of the body. it is varied in spreading size


Is a type of psoriasis. The scars are small and round in a shape on the skin surface which causes inflation in the skin. The area covered by it is the arm, legs, and torso. In some cases it has been found in your family history, maybe your chance is to get it to go up


Sometimes it is called hidden psoriasis which appears on the skin’s outer layer surface with red, shiny patches at certain places like Your armpit, Under your breast, or in the groin or inner thigh area. which may bleed and increase irritation over these parts of the body. This form of Psoriasis is in-ring-shaped. around the edges with yellow crust


This is a rare form of psoriasis that causes clearly defined pus filed lesions. Generally, it randomly occurs on the hand’s palm, figure, and mid of feet toes. It reappears after one weak. it is found in red patchy lesions covered with silver scales like fish skin Mostly it is known as fishery skin diseases


  • Red Patches on skin covered with silvery scalp
  • Irritation
  • Bleed from scars
  • rare scalp
  • Hairs loss
  • Joints pain
  • Defense of the immune system
  • puss from scalp
  • Burning or Soreness
  • Itching

Causes Of Psoriasis

The skin Specialists suggested that psoriasis patients could have different causes of suffering from it. Even till researchers are finding the major cause of psoriasis for diagnosing it permanently. Every person has a different cause of it. Some of it is mentioning given below

Viral or Bectrail
Converted from animals
Skin infection in the winter season
cut, scrap injuries infections

Is Psoriasis Curable

A complete treatment of psoriasis is not yet discovered but the temporary treatment of psoriasis feels you better for a less time period. Some of the home remedies are also very helpful to cure Psoriasis. Here I will share with you some ways to manage your flare-up. what should you have to do if You are suffering from Severe Psoriasis?

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How To Cure Psoriasis Medicated and Natural Tips

A wide range of treatments are available for Psoriasis but which one is effect identifying to it is difficult but these treatments which fall in three categories are very effecting

  • Topical
  • Phototherapy
  • Systemic
  • Home Remedies

Topical Treatment

Your doctor will suggest a cream, thick greasy lotions, Foams, spray, and Ointments for applying on affected parts of the skin. Topical treatment is only for the external part of the body. although it will show effects in one week

Steroid Creams or Ointments

Topical Steroid creams are used to control inflammation of the skin due to their anti-inflammatory property, After applying it will repair your outermost layer of the cell

How To Cure Psoriasis

How to Use

  • Firstly, Wear gloves 1st
  • Secondly, take a small amount of cream, ointments,
  • Thirdly, apply on the affected part of the skin
  • Then, massage it gently on the scalp
  • Finally, wash it after two-three hours
  • Furthermore, apply it twice a day


If you have a thin layer of skin Apply it once a day. in case of burning, change of skin color, bleeding, Stop use of it and concern to your doctor.

Emollients Lotions

This is best for mild psoriasis. It will reduce itching and scaling and water loss also it has contained a lot of oil having occlusive agents this means your skin will be coated with a protective layer with the use of Emollients creams. It works best when you will use it a generous amount Constantly and frequently.

How To Cure Psoriasis

How to Use

  • Firstly, Wear gloves
  • Secondly, take an adequate amount
  • Gently apply on Scars
  • Rub fingers over it softly
  • Then, rub it in a downward direction
  • Then, rub it before the water evaporate gets dry
  • Finally, wash it after 30 minutes


You can use Emollients before and after showering on any part of your body where scars are visible. Don’t Apply it over injuries. After Applying it wash your hands and gloves till they don’t touch the other parts of your body

Vitamin D analog

Topical oil, Gels are vitamin D analogs. Lotions and creams need time to work. It can be combined with other steroidal creams and lotions to help your skin cells proliferate. However, the anti-inflammatory properties and excess water agents secure your skin from fungus because it contains Calciprotein, Calcitriol, and Tacacitol. Furthermore, if you are fed up with applying all sticky liquid then you can eat Vitamins D oral, food supplements. Moreover, you can sit under the sun raises

How To Cure Psoriasis

How to use

  • Oil for head scalp
  • gels both for hair and body
  • Take food supplement according to doctor advise


It Is best for red scaly patches plaque which develops on your elbow, knees, the lower part of your back. These patches increase in size from time to time. it is a treat for plaque chronic Psoriasis. The properties of Dithranol don’t lead to irritation, burning, before using it read out all manufacturing pharmacy instructions whether it is suitable for your skin is not. the process of application is the same as other lotion and cream use

How To Cure Psoriasis

How to Use

  • Firstly, Put Gloves on your hand
  • Use 0.1 quantity in every week
  • Apply thin layer over damge part of your skin
  • Then, rub it gently
  • Use it at day time
  • use it once a day


  • Wearing old cloth during apply Dithronal
  • Don’t sit in the light of sun after applying
  • keep stay away from your pets
  • In Case of irritation , burnising concern with doctor
  • Dont touch your other part of body with dithronal hands.


If you have plaque psoriasis inflamed, red skin with silvery scales retinoid works best when used with phototherapy. This is a light therapy approach for reducing psoriasis.UVB phototherapy and ultraviolet A can effectively reduce the symptoms of psoriasis but this is quite an effort taking. For this, you must have to do several sessions in one week. UVB harmful rays can cure your skin diseases but temporality instead of UVB therapy I will recommend the other therapies

  • Sunlight threapy
  • PUVA threapy
How To Cure Psoriasis

Side Effects

  • It Causes redness, pain. itching
  • Occasionally sunburn
  • Nausea
  • Skin Cancer risk


Corticosteroids are the most common treatment for Mild psoriasis If you have moderate to severe psoriasis, your doctor may recommend a systemic drug, which is a type of medication that affects your entire body. They’re normally utilized when your skin issue affects more than 5% to 10% of your body and previous therapies have failed. this treatment is for those who don’t tolerate topical treatment.

How to cure psroysias

Best Home Remedies

Use of Fish Oil

Fish Oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. which reduce inflammation, redness itching and repair the cracked cell of skin . you can use Fish, Fish Oil supplements and hair oil for your head scalp. In some of the research, I found the method intravenously. In this method, oil is delivered by needles in your vein. You can cure your psoriasis with the help of your doctor.

How To Cure Psoriasis

Petroleum jelly

Are you looking for a solution to get rid of the itch? A thick cream could be the solution. If you’re looking for a heavy moisturizer, try petroleum jelly or a similar thick moisturizer. It helps your skin repair by keeping water and reducing redness.

How To Cure Psoriasis

Apple cider Vinegar

To cure psoriasis Apple cider vinegar can be used. It’s so much more than a salad dressing. Apply it to your scalp a few times a week, either straight or mixed with water. When your scalp screams, “scratch me,” it’s a formula for relief.

Apple cider Vinegar


After it has dried, rinse it off to avoid irritation. Also, if your scalp is bleeding or cracked, don’t try this. The vinegar will give it a burning sensation.

Sit Under Sunbeams

Spend some time outside sitting under the natural sunbeams UVB radiation from the sun can aid in the treatment of psoriasis.

Sit Under Sunbeams


This Therapy is best for the winter season. Just sit for 5 or 10 minutes. Keep it in your mind don’t sit while the use of any ointments or cream


To cure psoriasis turmeric can also be used. Studies show it may cut down your psoriasis flare-up. Furthermore, you can take it as an ingredient in your meal as a supplement


Meditation and yoga

Reduce your stress levels to get rid of your symptoms. Meditation can help you cope with your psoriasis. Yoga is also beneficial for those with plaque psoriasis since it decreases joint discomfort and increases the range of motion.



To cure psoriasis aloe vera plant can be used. This plant has been shown in studies to help in the reduction of psoriasis. Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory that helps in the reduction of redness. Apply a 0.5 percent unscented gel or cream to your skin.



Can diet clear up psoriasis?

However, some psoriasis patients claim that their food choices have an impact on their skin. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that avoiding certain foods or adhering to a specific diet would improve your condition.


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