This stepshowto guide is all about how to deactivate Instagram, whether you want the permanent deletion of an account or temporarily disable the Instagram account.

Instagram is a social app that connects you with the world, however, sometimes we need a break from these social sites or want to permanently delete our shared data. Many questions arise when we want to deactivate an Instagram account, like how to delete an Instagram account? how to deactivate an Instagram account? or, how to permanently delete your Instagram account? how to temporarily disable Instagram? and so on.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

Scroll down to find all the answers to your questions related to Instagram deactivation. Then choose the account deactivation method according to preference, Method to deactivate Instagram is the same for both iPhone as well as Android phones. Follow step-by-step instructions for deleting the Instagram account.

How to Access Delete Your Account Page on Instagram

1. Connect to the Internet

Firstly, connect your phone to Wi-Fi or turn on the Mobile Data provided by the SIM card. Without an internet connection, you will be not able to disable Instagram.

how to deactivate instagram account

2. Open Instagram App

Head towards the Instagram app and then tap it to open. If you are not logged in, then enter your username and password for accessing your account.

how to deactivate instagram account

3. Tap on Profile

After successful log-in, tap the bottom right side of the screen where your profile picture is shown to open your profile.

how to deactivate instagram account

4. Tap on Three Lines

Now on the top right side of the profile, you can see three horizontal lines, Tap them to explore options.

how to deactivate instagram account

5. Open Settings

Now you will see another page appearing on-screen. Tap on Settings.

how to deactivate instagram account

6. Explore Help

A new page on the screen will provide a “help” option when you scroll down, Tap on the Help option for accessing the delete Instagram account page.

how to deacivate instagram account

7. Select Help Center

After tapping on Help, Tap again on the Help Center option given by the new page.

how to deactivate instagram account

8. Tap Three Horizontal Lines

The help center will take you to explore different Instagram help programs. You have to click on three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen.

how to deactivate instagram account

9. Select Manage Your Account

Now select the Manage your Account Option appearing on the screen.

how to deactivate instagram account

10. Select Delete Your Account

The account manager will provide you with the Delete your Account option, Select this to access the delete Instagram page.


11. Select How do I Delete My Instagram Account

You will be reached at the Delete Instagram Account page by tapping on the option How do I Delete my Instagram Account.


Step 1: Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Once you had reached how to delete Instagram account page you will be provided with three different options. We will discuss here the first option how to temporarily disable Instagram. When you temporarily deactivate Instagram account, all your account info is disabled for others until you reactivate your Instagram account.

12. Select Temporarily Disable Your Account

When you tap on how do I delete my Instagram account the first option with blue highlighted letters is Temporarily Disable your Account. Tap on this option to disable your comments, photos, and Instagram reels.


13. Log In to Mobile Browser

A new page will ask you to log in to, tap on this and you will be automatically logged in to your mobile browser Instagram account


14. Open Profile

Now again click on the profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen, to open your profile.


15. Tap on Edit Profile

After opening the profile feed on the top of the feed, tap on the Edit Profile option.


16. Select Temporarily Disable My Account

Now upon selecting edit profile you will be provided with multiple edit options, scroll down the page to select temporarily delete my account and then tap to select.


17. Enter Reason, Password, and Disable Account

The next appeared page will ask you some information before disabling the account, Select the Reason why you are disabling your account then Enter Your Password, and finally tap on Temporarily Disable Account. Your Instagram is disabled until you logged in again.


Step 2: How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account

If you want a permanent deletion of your Instagram account then follow these steps, keep this in mind before permanently deleting your account that you will be not able to log in again and all your information, photos, and reels will be deleted.

18. Select Delete your Account

The second option provided on how do I delete my Instagram account is Delete your Account, by taping on this option you will proceed to permanent deletion of the account. If you want to download your data then do click on Download a Copy before proceeding.


19. Select Reason, Enter Password, and Delete Account

Now the page will ask you to Enter a Reason for deleting your account, select the reason, then Enter your Account Password. Tap on Delete Account and you will be logged out from the account. Your account will be disabled for one month and after one month it will be permanently deleted. You can log in again if you changed your mind.


Step 3: How to Delete a Different Instagram Account

If you are logged in from a different account on the app and want to delete some of your other accounts then the help center also provides how to delete a different Instagram account option which is the third and last option on the page.

20. Select Delete your Account Page

The third option that appears on the page is to Delete your Account Page, click on the option and it will direct you to delete another Instagram account.


21. Select Home Icon

When you tap on the delete your account page it will take you to account deletion, don’t tap on delete account otherwise you will delete your current logged-in account. Tap on the sign of home appearing on the top left corner of the mobile screen.


22. Select Setting Option In your Profile

You have to log out of your account before deleting another account. Select the setting’s sign that is on the top left corner of the mobile screen to proceed to log out.


23. Select Log Out

Now scroll down the page to access the log-out option, then tap on Log Out.


24. Confirm Log Out

A new page that appeared on the screen will ask for confirmation to log you out, tap Log Out to confirm.


25. Log In to Another Account

After logging out from your current account, log in to the account that you want to delete. Then choose your preferred method among the above two to delete or disable your account.




How do I delete my Instagram account?

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