In this article of, you will learn how to delete a page from a word document. Most of the times, people find it difficult to delete a page. And sometimes, by deleting a page, users delete an entire document so that it cannot be reversed. Furthermore, blank pages may appear in the middle or at the end of a word document. Because of these pages, the document looks unprofessional, and users may find it difficult to read the  document.

Methods to Delete a Page in a Word

There are several methods to delete a page in a word document. Sometimes, you have to delete a page with some text, graphics or tables, etc. Or you have to delete blank pages created due to some reasons. Here you will learn how to delete a whether it contains text or blank.

Delete a Page That Contains Text

Open Word Document

Firstly, you have to open a word document in which you want to delete a page.
Open word document to delete a page from word

Open Find and Replace Dialogue Box

Secondly, you have to select the page. Go to the menu bar, choose HOME and then select the dropdown icon next to the Find icon. Now, select the Go To option. Furthermore, you can open it by using the shortcut key ‘Ctrl+G.
Go to menu to delete a page from word

Select Page

Thirdly, select the page number you want to delete and press the GoTo Button to choose the page.
Select page from find and replace dialogue box to delete a page from word

Select Text

Now, select the entire text. For this, drag the cursor from the top of the page to the bottom of the entire text

Press Delete Button to Delete a page in a word

Then, press the DELETE button from Keyboard to remove the whole text. In the navigation pane, you can see page 02 is available. To open the navigation pane, go to the View menu and mark the Navigation Pane. Hence, the navigation pane will open. And you have to select pages from the top headings.

press delete button to delete page

Check Deleted Page

At last, after opening the navigation bar from the menu, you can see the deleted page is removed from the word document. Finally, you delete your desired page.
Check deleted page

Delete a Blank Middle  or Last Page

Open Blank Page

Firstly, you have to open word document. Then, open the blank page that lye in the middle of the word document. This blank page may be created due to unintentional page break .
Open blank page to delete page from word

Select Paragraph Marker

Secondly, you have to select the paragraph marker from the Menu bar. Go to Home Menu, there lye Paragraph marker icon(¶, named pilcrow) at the top line. Moreover, you can also use the shortcut key ‘Ctrl+Shift+8‘ for the paragraph marker. It will mark all the blank lines. The paragraph markers will appear at the beginning of each blank line and at the end of every paragraph.
elect paragraph marker option
NOTE: Sometimes, along with paragraph markers, there is a page break(break a page) option. Just press the Delete button to remove it.

Press Delete Button to Delete a Page in a Word

Now, delete all the paragraph markers (you may select them all at once). Don’t select the paragraph markers that appear at the end of a paragraph or heading. Press the Delete button to remove blank lines and pages.
Select all paragraph marker

Remove Paragraph Marker Icon

In the end, you have to unmark the paragraph marker icon or press the shortcut key ‘Ctrl+Shift+8’. Hence all the paragraph marker icons will disappear from your word document. Now, your document is free of middle blank pages or lines.
Remove paragraph marker sign

Convert to PDF To Remove Last Blank Page

Select Save as Option From Menu

Firstly, you have to open your word document. Now, press the Save As button from the File Menu bar.
select save as option

Select PDF Format

Secondly, after selecting your desired location, select the PDF format from the dropdown icon.
select pdf format to delete a page from word document

Select Options

After selecting the pdf format, select the Options icon below the pdf format. A dialogue box will appear. Now you have to select pages from the listed four options. And give a range of pages that contain text and then press OK. Don’t include the last blank page number.
select options

Save Document

In the end, press the Save button. Here, your document is saved in pdf format and is free from blank pages. You can also convert it in Word document format.
select save
NOTE: If you have accidentally deleted the righ word page, you can recover it by using the shortcut key, ‘Ctrl+Z’ on windows; if you have not closed the word file.


With the help of this article, you can easily remove pages from a word document. Method 01 is for those pages that contain some texts or graphics. Method 02 and 03 are for the removal of blank pages. Whether it lye in the middle or at the end of a word document. With the removal of blank pages, your document will look professional. Moreover, you do not have an impression on viewers.


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