Starting a day with 10 minute beginners yoga will help you in a full day of relaxation and lighten your mood. In the busy schedule of modern life, we are unable to spend hours on exercise. We all need a quick and effective exercise routine that improves our physical as well as mental health. 10 minute beginners yoga is an easy and quick exercise that can be performed by everyone.

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that includes stretching and strength training along with specific breathing patterns to improve fitness. It also helps in mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. In a 10 minutes session of yoga, we can stretch our bodies through different postures to enhance the flexibility of the body.

Benefits of 10 Minute Beginners Yoga

A daily routine of 10-minute beginners yoga will impact your entire life, yoga will help the body in several manners like

  • It improves bad posture caused by sitting 9-5 in an office and working on a computer and helps in reducing neck and back pain.
  • Also, it helps your body to become flexible.
  • It will help in strengthening muscles.
  • Yoga also boosts your metabolic activities.
  • By doing yoga you will be able to control blood pressure levels easily.
  • Yoga helps in controlling sugar levels by maintaining insulin regulation in the body.
  • Doing specific yoga poses will help in reducing weight.
  • Yoga will help in increasing blood flow.
  • It powers your immune system to fight bacteria and viruses.
  • Yoga improves your lung function by breathing.
  • Exercises relax your mind by reducing stress.
  • Yoga will also help with disturbed sleep patterns.
  • It improves problems related to disturbed hormones.

Steps of 10 Minute Beginners Yoga Session

1. Prepare for Yoga Session

Choose a good place to perform yoga, it’s better to do yoga in the fresh air you can do it on your balcony or in the garden. once you had chosen a peaceful place wear breathable clothes. then lay down your yoga mat, tie up your hair and start your session.


2. Mountain Pose in Yoga

Start your 10 minutes of yoga with a mountain pose. Then stand on a yoga mat with equal weight on both feet. Keep your legs, neck, and back straight. Stretch your arms towards the ground with open palms. Inhale a deep breath and hold up to 30 seconds then gently exhale. Finally, repeat the breathing process.

stand straight

3. Tree Pose in Yoga

Standing in a mountain pose, lift your both arms straight up so you can feel a slight stretch. Firmly press both hands together, Hold this position for 30 seconds while taking a deep breath.

tree pose

4. Warrior 1 Pose in Yoga

Then standing in a tree position, step back your left foot to the leg’s length and lunge your right knee forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds while slowly and deeply inhaling and exhaling.

warrior 1 pose

5. Warrior 2 Pose in Yoga

Then standing in a warrior pose, Slightly forward your knee forward while your right foot is a little more apart. Then open your both arms widely apart, and make sure to keep your back and head straight forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds and take a deep breath.

warrior 2 pose

6. Halfway Lift Pose in Yoga

Stand straight then slowly bend your back forward and keep your eyes on the ground. Then place both palms straight on your knees, and keep your knees and arms straight so that you can feel a slight stretch. hold this position for 30 seconds while inhaling and exhaling.

halfway lift

7. Downward Facing Dog Pose in Yoga

Keeping in a halfway lift pose, Place your both hands on the ground and walk forward on your hands then slightly push your both legs backward, so you can feel stretch in your legs and hands. hold this position for 30 seconds while taking a deep breath.

downward facing dog pose

8. Forward Fold Pose in Yoga

Keeping yourself in a downwards facing dog pose, slowly move your hands towards your feet, then bend your elbows by keeping your shoulders wide apart. Then move your head towards your toes and keep this pose for 30 seconds. Take deep breaths.

forward fold pose

9. Baby Cobra Pose in Yoga

Lay on the floor, facing your face towards the ground. Place both palms on the ground by straightening your arms forward so that your elbows are on the ground. Then slowly lift your chest up and your head should be straightforward. Keep this position for 30 seconds while breathing.

baby cobra pose

10. Child’s Pose in Yoga

Then spread your knees wide on the ground and place your hands straight on the ground in front of your body, let your stomach fall between your thighs and head. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds and take deep breaths.

Childs pose

11. Easy Pose in Yoga

Last but not the least, finish your 10-minute beginner’s yoga with the easy pose. Sit on the ground with crossed legs, and keep your back and neck straight. Put the back of your hands on your thighs/ Reax in this position for 30 seconds while deeply breathing. Repeat all poses.

easy pose



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