Beginners guide for Pergamano will teach you step-by-step instructions of groovi parchment craft. Scroll down to read more about parchment papercraft if you are a beginner in this art and craft technique.

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Pergamano art commonly known as parchment craft is a crafting technique in which vellum or parchment paper is decorated using different methods. Techniques include coloring of paper, perforating of paper, tracing of paper, embossing of paper, and stippling of paper.

  • The coloring of paper is an advanced method in parchment crafting. In which crayon, oil, marker colors, or other colors are applied to paper and then blended by using some medium. Before tracing you have to do coloring.
  • Tracing of paper is the first step if you are doing parchment craft without coloring.  It stands as a second step if you are doing it with colors. In this technique, guidelines are traced on the rough side of the paper with a mapping pen. Tracing by the slight glide of a pen over paper. A mapping pen with a small nib is used for tracing.
  • Embossing of paper is a technique in which traced design is raised by using embossing tools. gentle pressure is imposed on the tool for embossing design. There is a variety of embossing tools, like needles and pens of different sizes.
  • Stippling of paper is used for small detailing in designs. That includes giving details of leaves by making small holes texture, cardboard pad is placed under paper in this technique to avoid holes in paper.
  • Perforating of paper is a technique in which parchment paper copies design when placed over a design or pattern by means of perforating. different type of tools is used for perforating patterns.

Groovi Parchment Craft Instructions

Materials and Tools
  • Parchment Craft Paper
  • Sketching Paper
  • Black Pencil
  • White Pencil
  • Tape
  • Embossing Mat
  • Ballpoint Tool for Embossing
  • Embossing Small Needle
  • Perforating Tool
  • Frame

Step 1 Make a Sketch of Design

For making groovi parchment paper craft the first thing you need is the main design from which you can proceed making your craft. You can create your own groovi parchment craft templates by making a sketch or you can use a template for parchment craft from stationary. There are numerous parchment craft patterns available in-store and online by different brands. You can also copy your favorite parchment craft-free designs from the internet and print them out. Take a piece of paper and draw your desired design on it using a pencil, make sure to draw your design dark enough so it will be easy for you to trace on parchment paper.

draw design

Step 2 Stick Parchment Paper on Designed Paper

Once you had done with your design, place it on the table and then place parchment paper over-designed paper. Then stick them together using tape, You have to use parchment craft paper, vellum paper, or any good parchment paper substitute for crafts, don't use parchment baking paper. Purchase parchment paper from well-known crafting suppliers so you will get a good quality crafting paper.

stick paper

Step 3 Trace Design with White Pencil

Now take a white crafting pencil and lightly glide over the design to trace it, You have to glide the pencil using low pressure so that the pencil's tip will not damage your paper. Start tracing the borders of the design, You can also use a black pencil if you want to give a prominent border look to your design. Don't flip the paper again and again for checking progress as it may mislocate you from tracing.

trace design

Step 4 Remove, Turn, and Clean Parchment Paper

Once your design and its tracing are complete, remove the tape from the paper and then turn down the parchment paper. So that the design back is facing towards you. Then take a dry paper or any soft cloth and rub it gently over parchment paper. This step makes embossing easy.

remove clean and dry

Step 5Place Parchment Paper on Crafting Mat

When you purchase your parchment craft kit it will contain a soft embossing mat. You can use it in embossing parchment designs. Take out your embossing mat and place it on a flat surface then put your parchment paper on it, don't stick it with tape otherwise it will be difficult for you to rotate it during embossing. Remember to emboss paper from its backside.

place on embossing mat

Step 6Emboss Design with Tool

Embossing is a technique in which an artist creates a design with a groove shape using different tools. Once you will learn the basic technique you can create thousands of designs using a limited number of tools. For embossing a traced design start with a small ball-shaped point tool. Then gently glide over the design with minimum pressure. Start with borders and finish at the center, you can trace in any way which suits you better.

emboss design

Step 7Add Details with Various Tools

Parchment craft is interesting as one can create many designs using a single tool, however, you can also detail your design by shading with a crafting needle or adding waves or any pattern of your choice. If you are creating a floral design then you can use a needle for detailing its petals.

add details

Step 8Erase Traced Design

After embossing the complete design, erase traced lines of a pencil with an eraser. Erasing traced lines will give your Parchment craft a cleaner and well-defined look. It's a pro tip by expert pergamano artists. Erase with a slight glide over paper rather than roughly gliding.

Erase Trace

Step 9Decorate with Perforating Tool

Then decorate your design using a perforating tool, glide perforating tool on corners of paper will create small holes in paper and gave your paper a vintage look, you can create the design of your own choice using this one tool.

perforating design

Step 10Frame your Parchment Paper Craft

Once your parchment papercraft is ready you can frame it if you want to add it to your art gallery or you can gift it to your friend. Then place your papercraft in a frame as it is, or trims its edges before framing. It all depends on your preference.

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