How to draw a dog is a question that was asked by kids who love to do artwork, not only kids often adults including parents and teachers also want to know more about puppy drawing to teach their kids. If you love to do artwork or want some instructions to guide your little one about easy dog drawing then scroll down below to read step-by-step instructions. You can find more related topics like How to Draw a Cat By Using Word catHow to Draw Animals from Numbers and others in Arts and  Crafts category.

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How to Draw a Dog Step by Step

Gather all of the stationary which will be used in dog drawing, and start your cute puppy drawing.

  • Sketch Paper or Drawing Note Book
  • Black Pencil
  • Eraser
  • White Pen

Step 1 Draw Oval

Start by drawing an oval in the mid of the paper, for dog nose drawing.

step 1

Step 2 Draw Semi-circle

Then draw a semi-circle on the top of the oval to daw the remaining head part.


Step 3 Draw Ears

Now on the both right and left sides of the semi-circle, draw the puppy's ears.


Step 4 Sketch another circle

At the bottom side of the puppy's head lightly sketch a circle. The circle shouldn't be dark because after you have to erase it, it should be just a light outline.

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Step 5 Draw Paw

From the mid of the body draw straight lines parallel to each other, and then at the end join these lines by drawing the paw of the dog.

roast Pine nuts

Step 6 Repeat it

Complete another leg as well, by repeating the same step.


Step 7 Draw Body

Draw the rest of the dog's body by drawing a curved line starting from the paw to the bottom of the circle. Draw lines on both right and left sides.


Step 8 Draw Third Paw

Draw a third paw of the puppy, start drawing the paw between the other two paws and join them with a small curved line. Make small u shapes, draw three to four shapes and join them together to make a puppy's paw.


Step 9 Draw Tail

Starting from the back limbs of the puppy draw a pointed tail. draw two parallel curved lines in a zigzag pattern and then join them together making a pointed end.


Step 10 Draw mouth

In the oval shape which we draw in the first step draw the puppy's mouth. Draw a small heart shape and shade it, then at the pointed end of the heart make two u shapes. In the mid where two u shapes are connected draw a small line and then on both right and left sides of the line, draw a little bigger u shape to make the puppy's tongue.

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Step 11 Draw Eyes

Now above the oval shape make puppy's eyes. Draw two small circles of the same size keeping them at a distance from each other, shade both circles using a pencil or a black marker color for dog eyes drawing. Once you had shaded the eyes then using a white pen add small dots in the sides of the eyes. Also, shade the outer part of the eyes using a white pencil to give your puppy's eyes a cute look.


Step 12 Draw Curved Line

Now draw a curved line at the left side of the circle, to make your puppy drawing more amazing. Erase the circle which we outlined in step 4, Don't erase the circle before drawing a curved line otherwise you may not draw a curved line in a good position.


Step 13 complete Drawing

Draw the same curved line on the right side and then erase the circle from the right side as well. Add colors to complete your drawing.





  • When you are drawing with a black pencil, Don't rub your hand on the paper otherwise your paper may get pencil stains.
  • When you go for blending the shade use, tissue paper or soft cloth.
  • Drawing an outline for a dog sketch should be lightly drawn lines, otherwise, when erasing outlines you may disturb your dog drawing.
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