If you are fond of roses and you want to know how to draw a rose, then StepsHowTo will provide an easy guide for an easy way to draw a rose. Roses are very common but popular flowers and they are taken as symbols of love for many. Most people are really into roses and they prefer to smell them every day. In which case, there are some rose lovers who want to draw a rose by themselves in a different form which makes them feel happy.

If you are one of the people who love roses and want to know how to draw a rose, then we will walk you through complete steps in which you will learn the outline of a rose drawing and understand how to draw a rose with a marker. But before we start, you should know what stuff will be required to draw a rose easily with a marker. For more related topics like How to Draw WolfooHow to Draw a Dog – Easy Puppy DrawingHow to Draw a Cat By Using Word cat, and others, explore Art and Crafts category.

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How to Draw a Rose Step by Step

Now we will start to draw a complete rose in easy steps so that you can learn how to draw a rose plant without any mistakes.If you are concerned about making rose petals drawing or rose leaf sketches on paper, then here is what you will need to get started.

  • Sheet of Paper
  • A pencil and a sharpener
  • Hard pencil or marker
  • A soft pencil
  • Medium soft pencil

Once you get everything together, you can get to start rose drawing step by step below.

Step 1 Draw A Circle

To start drawing a rose, you will need to start with a circle. Take your soft pencil and start to draw a circle that is a bit wide and tall.Don’t make an exact round circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect. You can just make a random circle at first.


Step 2 Draw Line From Left Side

From the left side of the circle, you have to draw a line downward in a tilted manner so that it is not straight.A straight line won’t give the identical look of a flower with a stem so you have you add a bit of curve to it.

 Draw Line From Left Side

Step 3 Draw Line From Right Side

Now you have to draw a line on the right side exactly as you have drawn on the left side but make sure they don’t touch or cross each other.There should be a gap between these lines to give the flower a better feel.

 Draw Line From Right Side

Step 4 Form A Container

Now you have to close the curving lines from below with a single line using a curved shape slide below them to connect them from below. It should look like a cylinder or a container of water.

 Form A Container

Step 5Inside Texture

Now you can add an inside detail by applying a semi-circle at the top where you made the first circle. Draw a semi-curved line inside the circle only at the upper half of the center facing upwards to add details.You can also draw it downwards but it doesn’t give much of a flowery look at the end.

Inside Texture

Step 6Add A Semi Line

After when you have added a semi-circle line in the cylinder-like shape of the circle, you can add a line intersecting the semi-circle and reaching the bottom line of the inside circle of the flower that you are making.This should form the center of Rose in a like manner. Don’t add more lines that may disturb the overall design of your flower.

Add A Semi Line

Step 7 Add Petals

As you have designed the core of the rose, now it’s time to draw petals. You have to draw petals from the left side by creating a line from the center of the downward line that you draw in the beginning. Give that line a little curve to the left and fold it down in a curvy manner down to the point where you intersected both lines of the cylinder.Don’t make petals too wide otherwise, it can disturb the whole pattern of your rose.

 Add Petals

Step 8Start Adding Other Petals

From here, you have to draw the next petals by continuing the line from the existing petals. The second line that you will draw must be started from the half of the first petal line that you just created.Make this line curve to the right and repeat the same process for the petal one to slowly curve it down and connect it to the base of the flower that you created.

Start Adding Other Petals

Step 9 Back Petal

You have made two petals on the right and left sides of the flower. Now you can continue to make a back petal which can be started in the center part of the core. Just draw a small petal shape on the top of the core that gives a look of the petal-like it is on the backside of this core.

 Back Petal

Step 10 Next Petal

Now you can continue to draw a rose petal in the like manner by repeating the process and making every petal start from the center of previously existing petals that you just formed. Combine the new petal with two existing petals by joining its lines on their mid-portion as an intersection point.Keep adding more petals like this randomly to increase the size of the rose.

 Next Petal

Step 11 Complete Rose Sketch

After this, you can complete your rose sketch by adding a number of petals around the core of your rose.

Complete Rose Sketch



How To Draw a Rose From the Top

Here we will also add new tips to help you get the idea of rose drawing so that you can make a rose drawing outline by yourself. You can start by making a simple rose outline using a soft pencil or medium pencil to make your rose drawing easy.

Step 1 Make Ovals

Begin by sketching a little oval on your page with a pencil and increasing the number of lines around it for adding a texture to the core of your rose.

Make Ovals

Step 2 Draw Lines Inside and Outside

Then draw a couple of lines for the inside and outside of the center randomly.

Draw Lines Inside And Outside

Step 3Add Petals

After that, start adding petals by moving your pencil from one side of the oval to a little distance at another point of the oval.When you think about it, they're just slightly curved lines traveling around in a circle. Continue to add rose petals radiating outwards from the center.

Add Petals

Step 4Add More Petals

Make more petals by forming a line from one petal to another one over and over to expand the flower texture. Simply continue working in a circle for the rose facing the viewer. Furthermore, you can add petals to each side of the flower to enhance its texture.

Add More Petals

Step 5Form a Flower

Make the flower in such a way that it appears balanced. Add a couple more petals to the circle, going all the way around.Now your first flower is completed from the top view.

Form A Flower

Step 6 Drawing Rose Plant

As you have completed the rose, now you should also how to draw a rose stem. Begin with drawing a tube using a medium pencil with a slight opening downwards.Don’t make it too much curvy in shape.

Drawing Rose Plant

Step 7Sketch the Stem

Now scroll your pencil starting a line from a petal downwards. Then, make a U-turn to take the line back to the top. Furthermore, connect the line with the same petal at a distance.

Your rose branch drawing is now completed. You can use the same steps to draw a rose bush.

Sketch The Stem


To conclude, this was a simple guide on how to draw a rose. In which you learned simple rose drawing, rose branch drawing by making the pretty flower outlines at first and ending it with an easy wild rose drawing with some details and textures. However, to improve and enhance your drawing skills also see How to Draw Animals with Numbers in our Art and Craft category.