How to Draw Wolfoo

If your kid loves Wolfoo and you want to know how to draw Wolfoo, then StepsHowTo will help you to draw Wolfoo cartoons in easy steps. Wolfoo is basically an animated web series that is made for children to be players on YouTube. The developer is a Vietnamese company that has used a unique concept to attract the kid’s attention and make them happy. This animated series on the web is a super hit due to which a lot of people want to learn how to draw Wolfoo cartoon images.

If you are one of those who want to draw expressions of Wolfoo like Wolfoo’s angry face, or Wolfoo crying and even a smiling face, then here you will learn the easy steps for it. Just make sure that you have all the proper stuff ready for it to continue drawing Wolfoo.

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How to Draw Wolfoo – Step By Step

You must have seen a lot of Wolfoo cartoon images so you already have an idea about what this cartoon character looks like. So to begin, you must be clear about his image in mind in order to concentrate fully on your concept and start drawing.

Step 1 Draw Face

You can start by using a pencil or pen to draw on a clean paper sheet. To begin drawing Wolfoo, you will have to start with a face. Place the pen at any point of the paper and move it to the left in a downward curved path to an upward curved path that will take a huge turn from the left side in a downwards direction. Make your pen go to the right from the underside of the curve and join it to the point from where you started. Remember, you have to be very precise with the curves so that your final shape should be like a mango-like in the image given below.

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Step 2 Draw Nose

Then you have to draw Wolfoo's nose. Take a small point at the start from where you started drawing. Form a small triangle by adjoining a line in this corner at two points. Your drawing should look like this.

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Step 3 Draw Eyes

In the next step, you have to make Wolfoo eyes and cheeks. It’s pretty easy as you just have to create two curved lines at a distance on the left part of the skull where both of the eyes can look like a U shape like given below. Then you can add his cheeks under the eyes at a little distance which will give it a better and more attractive look like this. Make oval shapes so that it looks more catchy.

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Step 4 Draw Hair

The Wolfoo does have his hair so don’t forget to draw them. Now choose a little distance to the left of the cheek and start from the border of the skull in the inward direction. Remember you have to form a texture for the hair that Wolfoo has in the series. So make the curves accordingly until you reach the above portion of the right eye like the picture below.

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Step 5 Draw Ears

Wolfoo can listen to things sharply with his ears. Now it's time to draw his ears. For this, you can either see Wolfoo's images to make his ears or make arrow-shaped sharp ears like a devil which are shown in the picture below.

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Step 6Draw Mouth

You may have also seen Wolfoo eat and speak, so now you have to make his mouth just the same in your drawing. For this, make a small tunnel-like shape next to Wolfoo's cheeks. Make sure the mouth stays between the nose area and the cheeks area. Move your pen to make an upward shaped cup and add a bit of line in it to make the texture of his tongue as if he is talking. The mouth can look like this.

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Step 7 Draw Body

Now the face of Wolfoo is complete so you have to deal with his body. You can start by dragging a line down from the right side of his face right under from where you made his mouth. Make the line take a downward curved path that will reach to the left from below to connect at another point of the face on little bit of left. The Wolfoo cartoon body may look like this at first.

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Step 8 Draw Arms

Now you can add his arms. A little left to his body that you just made, make a cup-like shape with your pen. The cup should be facing an upward direction. Then you can create two lines downward that are intersecting each other at a little distance in a curved path. It will look like the arm and fist of Wolfoo like in the image below.

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Step 9 Draw Center part of body

Now create his belly by moving a single line through the center part of his body. Make sure that the line is not too high and should intersect two corners of the bottom structure.You can also add his tail by making another mango-shaped structure on the left side of the body.

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Step 10 Draw Feet

Now you can make his left foot first. For this, you can make a small rectangle shape structure under his body to the left. It should have an ending point with an oval that would be his boots. Your Wolfoo drawing should look like this. Then you can make his right foot. Make the same structure a little bit right and both the legs will look like this.

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Step 11 Color Wofloo

Complete the drawing for kids by clearing out all the rough edges and extra lines to form the final result.Now just run some colors through your drawing to give it a final look. This is how to draw Wolfoo in simple steps.

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This was a discussion about how to draw Wolfoo in which the easiest steps to draw Wolfoo have been shared. Wolfoo Peppa pig may be the same to some extent but they are not exactly alike. Wolfoo is made by a Vietnamese company these cartoon images are getting quite popular. Everyone feels fun in drawing them too. Drawing and creating images like Wolfoo happy, Wolfoo angry, Wolfoo crying, Wolfoo eats is quite a fun part. You can also see the article on How to Draw Animals with Numbers to improve your drawing skills.


How to draw Wolfoo and Lucy?2022-10-31T16:42:46+05:00

If you learned how to draw Wolfoo, then drawing lucy is almost identical. Add pink cheeks to the drawing and apply lipstick along with a ribbon on the head to draw Lucy. Lucy Wolfoo cartoon character is also easy to draw because they are almost identical in shape. In this way, you can draw Wolfoo and friends with your drawing in simple steps.

How do you make Wolfoo cartoon drawing for kids?2022-10-31T16:42:06+05:00

The steps to make Wolfoo cartoon drawing for kids are pretty simple. With a pen start to make a shape that is round from one side but pointy at the other end. Then you can make U-shaped eyes at the round corner and make cheeks of Wolfoo along with the eyes. Put a small line to the right on the edge that will be his nose. Then make hair according to your wish and add Wolfoo ears in the drawing on the top. After that, you can make the below structure of Wolfoo cartoon.

Who is Wolfoo?2022-10-31T16:40:48+05:00

Wolfoo is a famous character that is mostly seen on YouTube as the newly uprising animated web series. This character is among the favorite of many kids and they love to play Wolfoo games too. Fans of Wolfoo also search for Wolfoo and Wolfoo 2 to find the ideal picture so that they can create their drawing.


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