If you have been looking for a way to understand how to find your Airpod case on Android, then it may be tough for you. It is because Airpods don’t play any sound when you keep them in their case. If you have dropped the case somewhere or you can’t remember it, then you may be out of luck. It won’t be possible for any device to track it for you.

A Bluetooth connection is usually required to connect your phone with the AirPods that normally show the location for AirPods on your device within 30 feet. Even if the Bluetooth on your AirPods is on but you are more than 30 feet away, you still may not be able to find them. So, in short, a lost case cannot be found on an Android device. On the other hand, if you happen to drop or forget your AirPods somewhere without a case, then there may be a few ways to find them.

How to Track Airpods

If you have lost your AirPods the basic way of searching for them is by looking at the last place that you went to or a seat or bench that you were sitting on. But if you can find them by searching for them, then here are a few ways that you can try to track AirPods.

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For Android Device

Go to Settings

When you are using an android device, you have to go to Settings.

Track Airpods for Android Device

Select Bluetooth

Then you have to select the Bluetooth option. Make sure it is turned on.

Track Airpods for android

Select Connected Devices

Then choose Connected Devices.

Pair with Airpods

After that, you can pair it with the AirPods case by clicking on the white button given on it while holding your phone near to the case. Then from your phone, tap the AirPods name and it will pair the AirPods with your device. You should be able to find them now.

find lost AirPod case


It will only show AirPods Bluetooth availability if you left the AirPods turned on and they are in 30 feet of range.

For iOS

Go to Settings

For any iOS device, you have to access Settings.

find lost AirPod case

Turn on Bluetooth

Then move to Bluetooth and turn it on.

Connect to Airpods

Now use your iPhone to connect with AirPods. If it connects with the AirPods successfully, this means that your AirPods are somewhere within the 30 feet radius. You can search for them and find them now.

How to find your AirPods without an iPhone

To find AirPods without an iPhone you have to use this procedure.

  • Visit www.icloud.com where you have to log in through a web browser with your account ID.
  • Use your Apple ID login credentials.
  • Then click on Find My Phone.
  • Now select the Airpods option from the list given from All devices. It will give you the location of the last place where they were turned on.


This was a short and simple guide about how to track AirPods and how to find your AirPods case on Android. We have shared some ways to find AirPods and we have also discussed some cases in which you cant find them. We hope this guide was helpful for you to understand how to find AirPods easily using different methods. Now you know how to search for missing AirPods, and if you are successful to find your gadgets with our given methods, feel free to leave your comments on our site.

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