Did water accidentally get into your phone’s charging port? Then you are in the right place if you want a solution for how to get water out of charging port. A phone might get collapsed when put on charging when there is water in the port. You have to get the water out before charging, in this guide you will be provided with solutions on how to dry the charging port?. Stay with us to fix your phone that popup message about liquid detected in the lightning connector.

Many cellphones like iPhone and Samsung pop up notification liquid in the lightning connector when connected with a charger. Sometimes you may notice the dropping of your cellphone in water, and sometimes you may not notice how water gets into your cell phone.  It’s suggested to remove your cellphone from the charger as soon as you will receive a notification. But what to do after removing it from charging? Does the moisture itself fades, or do you have to do some hack? We will guide you with some easy steps &  hacks that can save your cellphones from water damage.

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port Step by Step Hacks

Switch off your cellphone as soon as you will notice water getting in your cellphone. You will receive a warning message, Otherwise, there is a chance that water will damage your cellphone if turned on. After switching off the phone tap your phone with your hand facing it down and let it naturally dry with air for 24 hours. Still, the phone is showing warning signs then head toward the guide below to choose a preferred way to get the water out from the charging port.

1. How to Dry Charging Port Using a Fan

Materials and Tools
  • Table fan


Turn on a table and put your cell phone in front of the air coming from the fan, air from the fan will dry out the water inside the port. You have to keep the charging pt in front of a fan so the air will reach inside the small holes. You can also place your phone in natural air to let it dry, a space along the window where air and sunlight both reach is suitable for drying the charging port of the cellphone.

dry using a fan

2. How to Dry Charging port using Rice

Materials and Tools
  • Uncooked rice
  • Plastic container


Drying a cellphone with rice seems to be a myth but it actually works, rice soaks the moisture present in the port. Fill a container with uncooked rice and place your phone inside the rice overnight. Your port will be free from moisture the next day, remember to prevent small rice chunks from getting into the port these will damage your phone.

dry using rice remove water from charging port

3. How to Dry Charging port using Vaccum Hose

Materials and Tools
  • Vacuum hose


Vaccum hoses also work great when it comes to sucking water from the charging port of the phone. Start vacuum hose in front of charging port and let it work for 2-3 minutes to dry out the charging port easily.

dry using a vaccum hose

4. How to Dry Charging Port using Hairdryer

Materials and Tools
  • Hairdryer


The hot heat coming from the hair dryer may damage your phone, but the air coming out from the hairdryer on low settings can help you to dry the charging port of your cellphone. Start the hairdryer and set it to low, then place your phone charging port facing towards the hairdryer’s mouth for 2-5 minutes. You have to place the phone at a distance from the hairdryer.

dry using a hairdryer


  • Never charge your cellphone when the moisture is still inside.
  • Don’t blow your cellphone’s charging port otherwise water will proceed further into the phone.
  • Never insert a wool, toothpick, or any other item inside the charging port otherwise it will damage your cellphone.
  • Don’t directly heat your cellphone.
  • If liquid other than water gets inside the cellphone, rinse the area with fresh water and then let it dry.
  • Prevent shaking of the phone while the water is inside the port.


How to get water out of the phone charging port?

Turn off your phone and tap the phone with your hands while facing downward then let it dry in the air for 24 hours or in front of a fan to remove water from the charging port, You can bury it in a rice container for soaking the moisture.

How to get water out of the Lightning Connector of the iPhone?

Liquid detected in the lightning connector of the iPhone can be easily solved, you have to remove the iPhone from charging and switch it off. Then let the iPhone dry itself in natural air and sunlight for 24 hours. Your iPhone will be moisture free after a day.

How to fix notification liquid in lightning connector iPhone but not wet?

If you are sure that the charging port is dry then disable the notification in settings. Turn off the Moisture detected option in the settings app of your cellphone and you will be no more bothered by the popup.


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