After creating a WordPress website there will be default themes available on your website which provide basic functionality. If you want more functionality and flexibility you have to change the theme. If you want to install a WordPress theme other than defaults on your WordPress website, don’t worry, and don’t pay anyone for this simple task. Just follow the simple steps to complete it in 5 minutes. While you are choosing a theme for your website, choose wisely. Your whole website performance, design, and functionality depend upon the theme you selected.

If you have not created a WordPress website I recommend following the How to Create a WordPress Website Easily- 2 Amazing methods article which is a step-by-step guide to creating a WordPress website.

Install a WordPress Theme

For installation of the WordPress theme, you have to follow the following simple steps

Download and Prepare Theme files on Your Computer

After choosing and purchasing a theme of your own choice from ThemeForest or from any other website, download the theme files to your computer. There may be multiple extra files in the downloaded theme files. you have to identify the exact theme file from downloaded files and separate it from others. Compress that theme file into .zip format as it is necessary to upload the file as a .zip format in WordPress. Otherwise, it will not accept the file.

conversion of theme fie into zip format

Access WordPress Website Dashboard

Open your website and log in as an admin of the website. For logging in as an admin you have to use /wp-admin just after your website domain. e.g For login use your username and password. After successful login, you will see your website dashboard on your screen. It is the backend of your website from where you can control almost everything about your website.

Access Theme Upload Window

On the dashboard, there is a menu on your left-hand side. Click on the Appearance menu. Then a drop-down menu will appear. Click on themes in the newly opened menu. On the top left corner of the window, there will be an upload theme button available. Then click on Upload Button. In the New window Click on Choose File button.

upload WordPress theme

Install a WordPress theme from your Computer

When you would click on the Choose File button, a new window will open and ask for your theme file. Locate and Select your theme file compressed in .zip format (step-1) and click on the Open button located in the bottom right corner. The previous window shown above will open again. Click on Install Now button and wait for the completion of installation. The installation will be complete within 1 to 5 minutes. It may take some time but time only depends upon theme size, internet connection speed, and web hosting server.

install a WordPress theme from computer

Activate WordPress Theme

After completing the installation process. A new window will be open that provide you with three options which are

  1. Activate
  2. Live preview
  3. Go to the theme page

If you want the check the look and compatibility of your new theme, you can click on the live preview option. It is also recommended way. You can also directly activate the theme from here by selecting Activate option.

Activate WordPress them after installation

If you have chosen the live preview option then you have to follow one more step to activate and publish the WordPress theme.

Activate After Live Preview

In the Live Preview window, you can check the view of your website and can also check some of the basic functionality. Similarly, theme compatibility will also be checked by live preview without damaging the website code and design. On the left-hand side, there are will be a menu through which you can check your theme functionality. This menu is theme dependant. On the top left-hand side, there will be a button Activate and Publish, Click on that button to activate and publish the WordPress theme.

Activate after Live Preview


Is it necessary to install a new Theme after creating a WordPress website?

No, Installing a new theme after creating the first WordPress website is not mandatory. WordPress offers preinstalled free themes which can also be used. But, the functionality and design need a lot of manual work for which advanced developers required. So it’s better to purchase a theme than hire a developer and install a WordPress theme by your own self.

Can I install a WordPress theme from the theme forest?

Yes, themes from ThemeForest can be installed by this method. Rather, I can say that this method is specifically defined for themes obtained from ThemeForest.

Is it necessary to live preview before activating WordPress theme?

No, Live Preview is not necessary before activating the WordPress theme. But it is Recommended way. As, if there is any compatibility issue, you can check them in the live preview. if you are risking your website by direct activation of the theme, it may damage your website. And sometimes these damages are hard to recover.

What to do after installation of WordPress theme?

After successful installation and activation of the theme, you should have installed the plugin according to the theme and your requirement.