Congregation prayer is the prayer in which Muslims offer their prayers by standing behind Imam in straight parallel rows. Muslims perform 5 obligatory prayers daily, which are one of the five pillars of Islam. Praying in the congregation has lavish importance in Islam as it has been rewarded 27 times more than individual prayer. Congregation prayer is led by Imam, Imam should possess grades according to Islamic law.

As the congregation prayer has great rewards and its Sunnah taught by our Holy Prophet(S.A.W), Every Muslim intends to perform obligatory prayers in the congregation. Many times due to various reasons people get late to the congregation prayer, when they enter in mosque Imam had already started the prayer. If you faced this condition earlier and didn’t get into congregation Prayer behind Imam. Carefully read the below steps to know more about how to join late congregation prayer.

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How to Join Late Congregation Prayer

If you are late in getting the congregation prayer still you can perform prayer in the congregation rather than performing it individually. A person who joins congregational prayer late is called Masbuq. You can complete missed Rakats in the congregation after Imam has offered As-salam. If you missed any Rakat of the congregation just stand in the row saying Allah Hu Akber, once Imam performs both As-salam, you don't need to perform As-salam just stand and complete your remaining Rakats.

Remember if you catch Rakat before Imam is performing Ruku then you will get that Rakat and you don't have to offer that Rakat again, those Rakats which you join once Imam had performed Ruku then you will have to perform that again. Let's discuss how to join late congregation prayer in the second third and fourth Rakat.

Step 1 Join Congregation in 2nd Rakat

Before Performing Salat-al-Jamat make sure to make Ablution, if you are unable to get water then you are allowed to perform Tayammum. If you get into the mosque and prayer is already started and Imam had offered the first Rakat now you have missed the first Rakat but as you join the second Rakat before Ruku you will get this Rakat. Now complete the fourth Rakats with Imam that is second, third, and fourth. In the 4th Rakat when Imam is offering As-salam Keep quiet and don't offer As-salam.

  • Once Imam Offered As-salam stand up and recite Sana
  • Then recite Surah Al-Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas or any other Surah.
  • Then make Ruku
  • Perform Sajdah
  • Then sit in Quood and recite At-tahiyyat
  • Then recite Durood and Supplication
  • Finally offer As-salam on both Right and then on Left side.

Missing 1 Rakat

  • Sana
  • Surah Al-Fatiha
  • Surah Ikhlas
  • Ruku
  • Sajdah
  • At-tahiyat,Durood,Dua
  • As-salam

Remember if you join the second Rakat while Imam had performed Ruku then you will not get the second Rakat and you have to perform that Rakat again. Read the below step if you missed the second Rakat as well.

Step 2 Join Congregation In 3rd Rakat

If you join Salat-al-Jamat when Imam is performing the third Rakat then you missed two Rakats and get the third and remaining the fourth Rakat. Now join Prayer by saying Allah hu Akber ad follow Imam, once imam is done doing As-salam you don't need to Perform As-salam just stand up.

  • Recite Sana
  • Then Recite Surah Al-Fatiha with another Surah
  • Make Ruku
  • Then perform Sajdah , after performing Sajdah stand up for another missed Rakat.
  • Perform another Rakat by reciting Surah Al-Fatihawith another Surah in Qayyam. Then performing Ruku and Sajdah
  • Recite At-tahiyat , Durood, and Suplication then perform As-salam.
Missing Rakat 1 Missing Rakat 2
Sana Surah Al-Fatiha
Surah Al-Fatiha Surah Ikhlas
Surah Ikhlas Ruku
Ruku Sajdah
Sajdah At-tahiyat, Durood, Dua

If you didn't catch the third Rakat before Ruku then you will not get 3rd Rakat and you will have to perform the third Rakat, read the below step if you missed the third Rakat and only catch the fourth Rakat.

Step 3 Join Congregation in 4th Rakat

If you Join prayer when Imam had offered three Rakats and you will only get the last and the fourth Rakat then you have to perform the 4th Rakat with Imam and the remaining three missing Rakats at your own once Imam offered As-salam. When Imam had done with As-salam you don't need to perform As-salam, just stand up and complete the remaining Rakats.

  • Recite Sana when you stand and then in Qayam recite Surah AL-Fatiha with another Surah, make Ruku then Sajdah and stand up for next Rakat
  • Now in next Rakat recite Surah Al-Fatiha and another Surah then Perform Ruku and Sajdah and then sit to recite At-tahiyat
  • In third Rakat recite Surah Al-Fatiha alone and then make Ruku and then Perform Sajdah.Sit and recite at-tahiyat, Durood and Supplication then finish your prayer by performing As-salam on botyh right and left side.
Missing Rakat 1 Missing Rakat 2 Missing Rakat 3
Sana Surah Al-Fatiha Surah Al-Fatiha
Surah Ak-Fatiha Surah Ikhlas Ruku
Surah Ikhlas Ruku Sajdah
Ruku Sajdah At-tahiyat, Durrod, Dua
Sajdah As-salam




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