If you want to know how to jump a hybrid car, then StepsHowTo has got you covered with the best solution and tips for this matter. You should know that it is very dangerous to jump a hybrid car if you don’t have any idea what you are doing. This is not a simple process and it shouldn’t be done by anyone who doesn’t hold the right knowledge about this process.

Basically, jump-starting a car is required when the battery of a car runs out of charge and is unable to start the car up. This can happen due to several reasons and the easiest solution to start the car in such a condition is by jumping it with the help of cables.

Hybrids are a little bit more complicated than petrol vehicles, which is why jumping a hybrid is very dangerous. The process of jump-starting a hybrid vehicle resembles that of jump-starting a petrol vehicle. But it’s always better that you take the help of someone who is aware of this process. Then continue with the steps that we are explaining below. Also for more related topics like How to Clean Car Interior at HomeHow to Execute Car MaintenanceHow to Reset Oil Light In VehiclesHow to do Online Vehicle Verification, and others feel free to explore the Vehicle Maintenance Category.

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Jump a Hybrid Car – Easy Steps

Step 1 Find Another Vehicle

To jump a hybrid car, you will have to find another vehicle having a working battery power. Park the car right next to the car that requires jump start.

Find Another Vehicle

Step 2 Safety First

Then you have to switch off the car that you want to jump start and pop the hood of both the cars.

Safety First

Step 3 Get Jumper Cables

Now get your jumper cables out of the vehicle or borrow them from someone.

Get Jumper Cables

Step 4Connect Batteries With Jump Cables

Now you have to clamp the red clip of the jumper on the positive terminal of the battery of your car (Make sure it’s 12v), and clamp the other end of the red clip to the other vehicle’s positive terminal that you using.

Connect Batteries With Jump Cables

Step 5 Connect Black Clip

Now you have to use the black clip of the jumper cable. Connect it to the negative terminal of the other car you are using for a jump start. Use its other end to clamp it on any surface of your car that doesn’t have the painted area to ground the vehicle for a charge.

Connect Black Clip

Step 6 Turn On Your Car

Now you can switch on the other car and keep the engine running for a few seconds. Then switch on your vehicle and try to start your car. The flow of current from one battery to another should be enough to jump a hybrid car.

Turn On Your Car




If your car fails to turn on, then it is possible that the battery of your hybrid car is permanently dead. The battery of the other car isn’t so powerful to jump-start it.

Additional Tips

If your vehicle still won't start after following these procedures. You may need a new battery or there may be another problem. There could be various concerns if the engine fails to turn over despite the electrical system being turned on. If you just hear a clicking sound when you try to start your car. It may be time for a replacement battery. Go to service center to diagnose the problem. The ignition switch, battery, starter, or a faulty fuse can be a common problem.


This was a guide on how to jump into a hybrid car. We have shared easy steps to help people jumpstart a hybrid vehicle. You can try these steps the next time you jump-start hybrid. Leave a comment for us to tell us if that worked for you.