This article will be all about Types of Paper Airplane Origami and How To Make A Paper Airplane Origami. We will be discussing some of the types, their description, and how to make a paper airplane step-by-step in

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A Paper Airplane Origami

A paper airplane Origami(also known as a paper airplane in American English or a paper airplane in British English) is a toy aircraft, usually a glider made out of a single folded sheet of paper or paperboard.

Evolution of Paper Airplane Origami: Paper planes have been a fascinating thing for ages for kids. Adults are also seen equally involved in this activity as they nowadays find that many of the pursuits that were formerly considered “childish” are actually helpful for meditation, simple fun, and inspiring creativity. Coloring books, Lego sets, and adult Nerf weaponry are jumping off the shelves–and it’s not just the fault of kids these days. These items allow grown-ups to get in touch with their inner child, and help keep their development arrested.

Now the question is that how can we make this fun activity an educational activity along the way? What will the kids learn through this activity? Let us talk about the history of paper airplanes first.

History of Paper Airplanes: When learning about something, the first thing that comes to mind is when and how? So we will be talking about that first. Moreover, Some credit the Chinese with the creation of the first paper airplane over 2000 years ago. Others state that Leonardo Da Vinci invented them while he was working on the designs for his Ornithopter. He was entranced by the idea of human flight, and it would be logical that he would play with paper to create an aircraft. However, the modern paper airplane we know and love was designed by Jack Northrop, co-founder of the Lockheed aircraft cooperation, in the early 1930s.

Types of paper airplane Origami

The most exciting part of this is, HOW TO MAKE A PAPER PLANE? That can be a long discussion as there a multiple types and tricks to make one. Below are some types of paper airplanes:

  1. Dart.
  2. Sea Glider.
  3. Concorde.
  4. Tie Fighter
  5. Stunt Plane.
  6. F-15 Eagle.
  7. White Dove.
  8. Straight Man.

Step 1 How to make Dart Paper Airplane Origami

If you are looking for an easy option, the dart is your thing. It’s the least complicated type of paper airplane. You just need to fold a few sides and there you are. Getting bored? Let us make a few.

  1. Firstly, you need a quarter of a paper.
  2. Secondly, fold the corner to the edge making a triangle.
  3. Then fold left to right, and line up on the edge the best you can.
  4. Turn it sideways.
  5. then fold the left side in half.
  6. To make a sharp tip line in it up with the edge.
  7. Roll the dart to the right
  8. Tuck the tail into the little pocket you get after the roll.
  9. Finally, fold it in half. This fold helps the dart be more aerodynamic.
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Step 2 How to make Sea Gliders Paper Airplane Origami

Well, the sea glider is a bird-like airplane that resembles a seagull gliding over the ocean. That is why it is called a SEA GLIDER. Want to see how it glides? Come let’s make one and try it for ourselves.

  1. Firstly, fold the paper diagonally.
  2. Then cut off the extra piece at the bottom.
  3. Fold the closed edge over about 1 ½ inches.
  4. Then fold the plane in half.
  5. Fold one of the top edges over.
  6. Repeat with the other side.
  7. Then fold out one side to create one wing.
  8. Finally, fold out the other sides to finalize the plane. Add a few staples or a paper clip to the front to give the tip some weight.
  9. The perfection in folding the wings in the last few steps is very necessary. If you did not get the desired results, back up two steps and try folding the wings at a slightly different angle.
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Step 3 How To Make Concorde Paper Airplane Origami

You cannot rely on a Concorde airplane to win a distance competition, since, it’s so streamlined but it will get any bogie heads-up that will try to trespass your airspace. Basically, it is a smooth glider that can fly far when thrown gently. It is best known for its smooth landing. Let’s experience some smoothness by making one.

Firstly, fold the top corners down as for a regular paper dart.

  1. Then make the diagonal and horizontal creases.
  2. Start by folding along the upper left to the lower right diagonal.
  3. Having folded the first diagonal in the preceding step, unfold.
  4. Repeat for the opposite diagonal.
  5. Make the horizontal fold behind and then unfold.
  6. Now carefully bring the sides together bringing the top down to meet the bottom edge.
  7. Fold the top layer up.
  8. The next part is tricky, make crease folds along the diagonals.
  9. Finally, flatten and make sure symmetry is good.
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Step 4How To Make Tie Fighter Paper Airplane Origami

Here is something for the STAR WARS FANS. This paper dart is inspired by the STAR WARS TIE FIGHTER. It is famous for its cool shape rather than its distance flying. This plane flies very well indoors from wall to wall.

  1. Fold in half, unfold, then rotate 90 degrees and repeat. Unfold completely when you are done.
  2. Fold in the left and right edges into the center crease.
  3. Then fold the right edge to the farthest away crease and unfold. Then fold the right edge in again to the nearest crease and unfold. Repeat this process on the other side, but now you will be folding the left edge to the farthest away crease. Unfold everything when you are done, there should be seven evenly spaced creases.
  4. Fold the right edge to the farthest away crease and unfold. Repeat this on the left side. Unfold completely and rotate the paper90 degrees. The color not desired should be facing up at this point FYI.
  5. Again, fold both the left and right edges into the center crease.
  6. Flip the paper and rotate it 90 degrees. Fold the top edge down to the horizontal center crease. Then fold the bottom edge up to the same crease. Now the eight-by-eight grid is done.
  7. Flip the paper and fold the top edge down to the horizontal center crease. Unfold this step when you are done.
  8. Then push on the back of the middle until the crease shows. Then pinch inwards on both sides.
  9. There should be a small square in the middle of the paper. Crease the top and bottom edges of the square into valley folds and if you push inwards from both sides, the left and right should become mountain folds.
  10. Finally to form the wings, rotate the model 90 degrees and hold one side in both hands. Unfold that side without unfolding the cockpit. Mountain fold on the bottom-most horizontal crease. Then pinch inwards with both pointer fingers.
  11. The wing part is a bit tricky. For that, you need to watch a tutorial.
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Step 5How To Make Stunt Plane Paper Airplane Origami

  1. Fold the paper in half about two inches before the edge.
  2. Then fold the top two corners to the centerline.
  3. Open up the entire sheet and accordion fold the sides in.
  4. Then fold in the side of the bottom layer.
  5. Now, fold the big triangle in half away from you and then fold it back up again so a little bit is poking up.
  6. Fold the plane in half away from you.
  7. Finally, fold out the sides to create the wings, the body should be about one inch tall.
  8. This paper airplane design has difficulty going in a straight line. Embrace that flaw and enjoy the loops and twists that it takes through the air.
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Step 6 How To Make F-15 Eagle Paper Airplane Origami

It is similar to the original F-15 EAGLE if you are counting on its performance. Unlike the government, you don’t have to invest millions and billions to get one. Grab a paper and make one and enjoy the flips and turns. Let’s make some.

  1. Start with an 8 ½”x11” paper folding the top corner inwards to the centerline. Fold the corners to the bottom edge.
  2. Then fold the triangle section upward.
  3. Bring the sloping edge to the center line and crease only the upper part of the folding line.
  4. While holding point C in place sweep a finger under D and pull the flap outward. Flatten. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 on the right side. Make sure both wings have the same sweep angle.
  5. Lift edge A and bring out the triangle corner of the middle layer. This part will become the canopy of the fighter jet.
  6. Then flip the triangle section to the left side.
  7. Make the canopy of the fighter jet by valley folding the triangle section.
  8. Fold the paper in half.
  9. Then fold down the wings and fold up the wing's tips. Adjust the crease so that the plane has this profile.
  10. Bend up the trailing edge of the wings for better lift.
  11. Mountain-fold the top layer and tuck under turn the model over.
  12. Cut along the lines and fold along the center. Mountain-fold along the center. Fold-down wings along the lines.
  13. Finally, bend up the trailing edge of the wings for better lift.
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Step 7 How To Make White Dove Paper Airplane Origami

If you are looking for some crafty stuff to decorate your mobile phones, other gadgets, or walls of your room make some white dove paper planes. It can come in handy in arts and craft stuff also. You can transform your boring living space into a cool space by placing one of these in a corner of your room or on a shelf in a living room. Let us learn how to make one.

  1. Fold the paper diagonally.
  2. Cut off the extra piece at the bottom.
  3. Fold the peak of the triangle over leaving two inches for the wings.
  4. Take one layer and fold it in the opposite direction.
  5. Fold the plane in half.
  6. Fold one wing at a slight angle.
  7. Repeat step six with the other wing.
  8. Finally, fold down both wings and invert fold the head to create the beak.
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Step 8 How To Make Straight Man Paper Airplane Origami

Talking about perfection, this plane will never let you down. It is made to win. The rear gap allows it to perform with zero error. If it misses the target, it’s definitely the operator’s fault. It may be fun to make one of these masterpieces. Let’s see.

  1. First, fold a piece of 8.5x11 paper in half, crease it and reopen it. Then, you flip it over so that the fold is mountainside up.
  2. Next, you fold the top corners towards the mountain crease.
  3. Flip the plane over so that the plane is pointing away from you, and the center crease is in a valley orientation.
  4. Now, fold the wings so that the once leading edges of the wings are one mm from the v crease and crease.
  5. Flip the plane over, and bend the nose in half, under the front, and crease
  6. Flip back over, and fold one whole side so that the leading edge is touching the bottom of the plane, crease, repeat on the other side, and there are your wings.
  7. Open the wings, and make a cut one inch from the rear of the plane on the bottom of the v slanting slightly forward, and push it up to covert it from a v to an /, and crease it so it stays up straight.
  8. Fold the wings back down, and perk them up a little, so that they still face downwards slightly, but aren’t facing up.
  9. The Paper airplane is complete and flies very well at many speeds. Just throw, and let go right where you want it to fly.
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Making paper planes was a simple, easy and fun thing to do as a child. but, as time passed this activity advanced by the time too. First, it was just a simple paper with some basic folds and creases, but now these tricks have become advanced too. In this article, we have discussed a few types of paper planes, their descriptions, and how to make them step-by-step.


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