The shredded radish and shrimp pancakes are a whole pack of nutritious breakfast. Korean cuisine is well known for healthy and tasty dishes, unlike American breakfast pancakes, Korean pancakes are not a mixture of sugar and flour instead they are made with healthy vegetables and eggs batter. The Korean radish pancakes or locally known as Mujeon are made with grated radish, eggs, flour, and some spices, however, you can create variations in recipes by adding chicken, mince, and even shrimps into it for a healthier version.

Korean Radish Pancakes

Preparation Time  20 minutes
Cooking Time  10 minutes
Total Time  30 minutes
Type  Breakfast
Cuisine Korean
Yield 6 servings
Calories 220 kcal
Korean Radish Pancakes Ingredients
  • Radish 1 small
  • Green onion leaves chopped  2 tbsp
  • Egg 2 large
  • Shrimps 5-7
  • Ginger paste 1 tsp
  • All-purpose flour 2 tbsp
  • Sesame oil 4 tbsp
  • White pepper powder 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste

Direction for Making Mujeon

Cut Shrimps

Firstly, take 5-6 clean shrimps and finely chop them into small pieces with the help of a knife. Then set them aside in a bowl for later use.

cut shrimps

Grate Radish

Secondly, take one small radish and peel the skin. Then use a grater grated radish in a bowl. Sprinkle one teaspoon of salt into grated radish and then marinate it for 10 minutes.

grate radish

Rinse and Squeeze Radish

After 10 minutes, rinse grated radish with tap water twice. Then squeeze extra water by pressing small batches of radish into your hands.

wash radish

Boil Radish

Then take a saucepan and fill it with 2 cups of water, and put it on medium flame. Then add grated radish and boil it for 2 minutes. Once the radish is tender turn off the flame and drains the excess water. Then put boiled radish into a bowl.

boil radish

Add Egg, Onion, and Shrimp

Then in a radish bowl add 2 eggs, chopped green onion leaves, and shrimp. Then add garlic paste into the bowl. Mix them well using a fork or chopsticks.

add egg shrimp and onion

Add Flour and Spices

Then take two tablespoons of flour and add it into the batter and mix it well. Then add salt and white pepper powder and give it another good mix.

add flour

Grease Pan

Then take a pan and grease it with sesame oil using a baking brush.  Then heat the pan on medium to high heat.

grease pan

Cook Pancakes

Finally, take the batter into a spoon and pour it into the pan, and spread it thinly over the pan. Then cook the bottom side for 2 minutes or until bubbles start to come upon the surface of the pancake. Then flip the pancake and cook another side for 2 minutes. Make pancakes from the remaining batter.

fry pancakes

Serve Pancakes with Sauce

Once all the radish pancakes are cooked, then serve them hot with chili, mayo, or ketchup.

serve pancakes


  • While making radish pancakes don’t add excess flour otherwise pancakes will be dry.
  • You can add other vegetables like carrots, and spinach for a recipe variation.
  • Also, you can add buttermilk while making the batter.


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