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How to Make Resin Jewelry- Beginners Guide

Resin jewelry is the new trend in fashion and styling accessories, if you are a creative soul and trend lover then make your own piece of epoxy resin jewelry with our guidance on resin projects for beginners. By following resin for beginners’ instructions, you can easily DIY resin jewelry. A basic beginner’s guide on resin art jewelry will help you with resin rings DIY, resin charms, resin necklace, and different resin earing ideas.

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Resin for Jewelry

Epoxy resin is widely used in jewelry resin projects, epoxy resin for jewelry gives beautiful, lavish results. Epoxy casting resin is mixed with hardener for getting desired results of the resin project.

Polyester Resin like epoxy resin is also mixed with hardener when used in projects, Polyester resin is the strongest among all resins and it dries really fast, due to its differentiae it is widely used in commercial resin projects.

UV Resin is mostly used by creative souls who can't wait to complete their resin projects, as its name sound it will dry quickly under a UV lamp. UV resin doesn't need a hardener.

Steps for Making Resin Jewelry


  • Gloves
  • Casting Resin
  • Resin Hardener
  • Plastic Cups
  • Digital Scale
  • Craft Sticks
  • Silicone Molds
  • Decorative Items
  • Color Pigment
  • Toothpick
  • Chains

Step 1 Wear Gloves and Select Ventilated Space

Resin is sticky in nature so it's good to wear gloves before starting working on resin jewelry. Choosing a well-ventilated place when working on resin because resin release strong fumes that may affect some individuals.

wear gloves

Step 2Pour and Measure Casting Resin

When you purchase epoxy resin for the project it comes with two containers one is casting resin and the other is a hardener. Take a digital scale and place a cup over it then set it, now pour casting resin into a cup. Remember you have to go with the 2:1 formula which means two parts resin and one part hardener. Then remove the cup from the digital scale and set it aside.

pour and measure resin

Step 3 Pour and Measure Resin Hardener

Firstly, place another cup on a digital scale and rest it, then pour the hardener into the cup. Once measured remove it from the scale. If a digital scale is not available you can use syringes for measuring resin and hardener.

pour hardener

Step 4 Mix Resin with Hardener

Then pour the measured hardener into resin, and using a wooden spatula mix them well. Mix for at least 5 minutes. A well-mixed solution prevents bubbles formation in resin. Now move forward to the next step.

mix together

Step 5Divide Resin into Small Cups

Then divide your resin solution into small cups for making a different color batch, you can add colors in some cups, and let some cups remain clear according to our desired design.

make small batches

Step 6Put in and Mix Color

You can use clear resin for making resin jewelry by adding dried flowers, petals leaves, stones, and even glitters or you can make a piece of vibrant colorful jewelry. For adding colors in resin number of options are avaliable. You can go with mica powder for resin or color pigment for resin, both options go well with epoxy and polyester resin, however for UV resin mica powder does well. Add a small number of available color options and mix it well using a craft stick.

add color pigment

Step 7 Make Assorted Color Batch

Add different colors in cups and mix them well, make color batches depending upon your design. If your design doesn't need more than one color then skip this step and move to the next step.

make batches

Step 8 Pour Resin In Silicon Molds

Now place silicon mold on a cloth or on a newspaper, then pour resin in them. If you want to add some decorative items in resin then pour resin in a layering method. Pour a first thin layer of resin and then add a decorative item it will help the item in sticking and then add another layer for covering the item. If you are layering resin then wait until the first layer dries and then pour the second layer.

pour resin into mold

Step 9 Remove Air Bubbles using a Toothpick

Now using a toothpick remove air bubbles that come on the top of resin, You can also use a lighter flame for removing air bubbles. lit the lighter or match stick and gently move over the resin, in the same way, pop out bubbles using a toothpick. let it sit for one or two days for drying.

remove air bubbles

Step 10Demold Jewelry Pieces

Once your art pieces are completely dried, then remove them. Push the silicone mold from the backside with gentle hand pressure and the art piece will come out easily.

demold pendant

Step 11Assemble with Chains

Now finish your resin jewelry pieces by attaching them with chains and hooks. Silicon molds for jewelry contain holes for attaching chains you can easily attach chains by passing them through hooks.

insert chains


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What is Resin?2022-10-31T23:51:39+05:00

Resins are sticky liquid substances, which are present both in natural and synthetic organic forms. Natural resin is perspired from plants, while synthetic resin is made from chemical products which contain some qualities of natural resin. You can use synthetic resin in jewelry-making. Different types of synthetic resin mediums are there which can be utilized in DIY resin.

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