How to Make Sugar Wax in Microwave

Sugaring is the procedure of hair removal with sugar wax, this method of hair removal dates back to 1900 BC when the Persians introduced a thick mixture of sugar to remove unwanted hairs. After centuries sugaring is still a worthy procedure for the said purpose, because it is cheap, convenient, and painless. If you are finding a quick way to prepare sugar wax. Then microwaving is a quick, and hassle-free way to make sugar wax at home. All you have to do is to gather the sugar wax ingredients listed below and start preparing your homemade sugar wax.

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  • Sugar 2cups

  • Lemon 2 table spoon

  • Water 2 table spoon

How to Make Sugar Wax in Microwave Steps

Step 1 Gather Ingredients

Mostly, sugar wax ingredients are present in your kitchen. You don't have to rush towards the store, but in case these will not be available at the moment. You can easily get them from a nearby grocery store. After purchasing all ingredients, gather them to start sugar wax.

roast Pine nuts

Step 2 Mix Ingredients in the Jar

One by one add sugar, lemon, and water to a microwave-safe jar, and mix them together using a wooden spatula. You have to keep the measurement quantity of ingredients as described. Otherwise, your sugar wax results may not be as good as expected. For measuring the quantity you can use a measuring spoon and cup.

mix sugar wax ingredients together

Step 3 Cook sugar wax in the Microwave

Place your jar into the microwave and set the time to 30seconds. Now, start the microwave, you will notice that bubbles start appearing in the jar. After thirty seconds stop the microwave and wear your kitchen gloves to take out the jar. Then stir the mixture with a wooden spoon then place it again in the microwave. Then set the microwave for 30seconds and start it.
you can use stove instead of microwave. cook for one minute for medium high flame while mixing with spoon.

Cook sugar wax in microwave

Step 4 Check Consistency

After one minute your sugar wax is ready, but you have to wait for 5 minutes. If sugar wax has a honey-like consistency, and it is thick and sticky after five minutes of removing from the microwave, then it is ready to be used. else, you can microwave it for 30seconds more. Keep in mind that natural wax will be in runny consistency when you take it out from the microwave, and it gradually thickens. So, don't hassle and wait for at least 5 minutes. After five minutes you can apply this sugar wax on your body to remove unwanted hairs.

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Sugar Wax Variations

You can easily prepare a variety of sugar wax at home with the same procedure only you had to change the temperature, A slight change in sugar wax temperature can make it hard wax, soft wax, or even rubber wax.

Soft Sugar Wax

making soft sugar wax is a simple process of cooking the mixture of the ingredients in the microwave for a minute, as described above. soft wax can be spread on the skin using a wax spatula, and then you can use a muslin cloth over it, to remove the wax along with hairs.

hard Sugar Wax

Hard wax can be obtained from the same process if you enhance the timing from one minute to 3 minutes. You can use hard wax on your skin using your fingers or a wax spatula, you don't need a muslin cloth to remove wax simply pull the wax in opposite direction with your hands to remove hairs.

rubber Sugar Wax

If you cook the Sugar wax mixture for 6-8 minutes, you will get a rubber-like thick texture of wax upon cooling. You can simply apply the rubber paste on the skin and push it, in opposite direction to get rid of unwanted hairs. Rubber wax doesn't require a spatula or cloth to remove hairs.


  1. Hairs should be of more than a quarter-inch, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to remove them with sugar wax.
  2. It can be used all over the body, you can use sugar wax on your face, arms, legs, eyebrows, chin, and upper lips.
  3. You can make it on the stove in a pan if the microwave is not available.
  4. Sugar wax can be used by every skin type.
  5. Getting perfect consistency is tricky but not impossible, you have to practice with the right quantity of ingredients to achieve the perfect consistency.
  6. Keep your skin free of oil before applying sugar wax otherwise, it will not work.
  7. You can use talcum powder before waxing to reduce the oil or sweat effects.
  8. You can use aloe vera gel after sugar waxing to soothe the skin.
  9. Always do a patch test before applying it to your skin.
  10. Don't scrub your skin for at least one day after waxing, it may lead to bruises.
  11. Never skin polish after waxing your skin.
  12. Don't use it over bruises stitches, burnt skin, and highly sensitive skin with redness.
  13. Never apply hot sugar wax on the skin, wait until it gets lukewarm.


Why my sugar wax is too runny?2022-07-07T13:59:09+05:00

Sugar wax may get runny , if you had added a higher quantity of water to it, or if you don’t cook it properly. Take measurements of the sugaring recipe seriously, and make your sugar wax accordingly, to avoid the hassle, in two cups of sugar you have to add 2 Cups of water and 2tbsp of lemon juice then cook it for 1 minute in the microwave for the desired consistency.

How to Store sugar wax?2022-07-07T13:57:25+05:00

Storing the sugar wax is as easy as making sugar wax, you can easily store sugar wax in an airtight container for months. we recommend safe it in a glass jar that is microwave safe as it will help you in reheating the sugar wax.

How to reheat sugar wax?2022-07-07T13:56:38+05:00

You can easily reheat the homemade sugar wax in the microwave or over the stove in a minute. Put the sugar wax in a microwave-safe jar then place it in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. now you can use lukewarm wax on your skin.

How to make sugar wax without lemon?2022-07-07T13:55:22+05:00

Making home sugar wax without lemon is not difficult, you have to substitute lemon with other acid ingredients and for this, you can use apple cider vinegar or simply white vinegar. Add 2tbsp of vinegar along with water and sugar to make sugar wax.

How to fix hard sugar wax?2022-07-07T13:54:07+05:00

If sugar wax gets hard you can fix it with water, add some water to the hard wax and let it heat up in a microwave or stove for a minute. Hard wax will be shaped into a candy-like texture if you overheat it so just add water and boil over medium heat for seconds to fix it.

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