Tunamayo onigiri is a famous snack in Japanese cuisine, 7/11 tuna mayo onigiri recipe is liked by people in Japan. Today we will guide you on how to make tuna mayo onigiri secret recipe may not be similar to 7/11 tuna mayo onigiri but tastes way better than the original secret recipe.

Onigiri is boiled Japanese rice balls in which different types of ingredients are filled. Tuna and mayo filling is widely used in onigiri. You can also count variations in onigiri ingredients by adding vegetables, chicken, mince, and pickles as per your choice. You can even make a tuna mayo sandwich by following the same secret recipe.

Tunamayo Onigiri Secret Recipe

  Preparation time 30minutes
  Cooking time 10minutes
  Total time 40minutes
  Type Main course, Snack
  Cuisine Japanese
  Yield 3servings
  Calories 350
TunaMayo Onigiri Ingredients
  • Boiled rice 2cups
  • Canned tuna 1can
  • Mayonnaise 3tbsp
  • Seaweed sheets 2pcs
  • Water 6cups
  • Salt to taste
  • Soy sauce 1tsp
  • Ketchup 1tsp
  • Dashi powder 1/2tsp


Prepare Rice

Start by washing short-grained ice with water, wash rice with fresh tap water, and then drain the excess water using a strainer. In a pan pour six cups of water then add a pinch of salt into the water, let the water boil on medium heat and add washed rice. Boil them for ten minutes and then strain and set them aside for later use. You can also boil them in a rice cooker. Always keep the water and rice in a 2:1 ratio.

prepare rice for tunamayo onigri

Prepare Tuna Mayo Filling

Then take a large bowl and add canned tuna to it, you have to drain excess oil from the tuna. Using a whisk or fork shred the tuna then add three tablespoons of mayonnaise, one teaspoon of soy sauce, one teaspoon of ketchup, and half of teaspoon dashi powder into the bowl. Mix them together and your tuna mayo filling is ready you can also use this filling in a tuna mayo sandwich.

prepare tunamayo onigri filling

Prepare Seaweed Sheets

On a flat surface place a cooking mat and then flat the seaweed sheets on it, now tear it and make sure your sheet is wider than three inches. Make four strips of seaweed of the same size and then set them aside for later use.

prepare sheets

Make and Fill a Rice Ball

Wear gloves to start the making step of onigiri, on your palms spread salt and then grab the boiled rice in one palm, flatten them with another hand so they stick together making a disc shape. Then add a generous amount of tuna filling over the flattened rice, add one more layer of boiled rice over the filling then cupping both palms of the hands shape the rice into a circle or triangle. You have to squeeze and turn them lightly to give them a shape, in the same way, make balls with the remaining rice and filling.

make rice ball

Wrap the Rice Ball In Seaweed Sheets

Flaten the trimmed seaweed sheet and put the rice ball in the center of the sheet, fold the bottom edges of the sheets inward at the top of the rice ball then the top edge of the sheet toward the center of the ball. Finally, in the same wrap the remaining rice balls into the seaweed sheets one by one.

wrap rice ball


Then top the tuna mayo onigiri with the remaining tuna filling and serve them with soy sauce or hot chili sauce to enhance the flavor of the recipe.



What is the best filling for onigiri?

There are varieties of filling that can be used in onigiri, you can fill it with traditional tuna mayo filling, salmon filling, grilled chicken, pickled vegetables, and flakes. Tarako, okaka, and kombu fillings are also widely used in japan for onigiri.

Can fish sauce replace dashi?

You can substitute fish sauce with dashi powder because they both have a taste resemblance. In some food, you can substitute them with each other while in some they may not work as well. You can use fish sauce in tuna mayo onigiri instead of dashi to enhance its fishy taste.

How to make 7/11 tuna mayo onigiri at home?

Boil short-grained Japanese rice in a rice cooker and then make a tuna mayo filling by mixing canned tuna, mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, and dashi powder. Then make a rice ball. Then fill it with tuna mayo mixture. Finally, wrap the rice ball in the seaweed sheet, and your 7/11 styled tuna mayo is ready to eat.


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