To keep your kids healthy and active, you must know how to motivate kids in sports which they play regularly. Sports activities are the best source of entertainment for kids and they also play an essential role to develop their growth. Furthermore, to motivate kids in sports, you can be friendly and encouraging to help them pass any difficulty and obstacle without thinking that they cannot do it.

Motivating child athletes who are fond of games requires a bit of knowledge and understanding of human emotions. However, motivation can only be caused through good words and encouraging tips with suggestions for the kids to perform well on the field. A good trainer always delivers a game-day motivation speech for kids to keep their hopes high and keep them motivated to give their 100% in the game. For more related articles like How to Motivate Kids to Study, How to Engage Children During Winter Vacations, and others feel free to explore the health and Fitness category or Nursery education category.

For such reasons, we have made this easy guide for trainers and managers to motivate kids in sports. So below are the steps, to begin with how to motivate your child in sports to perform better. Some guiding tips will be shared later.

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How to Motivate Kids in Sports

Step 1 Understand Likes and Dislikes

To motivate kids in sports, you must understand what the kid likes or dislikes. Understand what makes him feel motivated and what makes him to lose his confidence as well as himself in anger.Don't push the kid towards any activity which he doesn't like. Forcing him for anything else will only turn into a disaster.

Understand Likes and Dislikes

Step 2 Be Friendly

Now to start motivation, you must have a friendly bond with the kid. Kids have generally a kind nature and they should be treated in a polite and humble way. You can use friendly gestures and engage him in regular conversations so that both of you develop a bond of understanding between each other.Take control of your temper during training and teach the kid to control his temper as well. Sports require activity and a calm mind that can produce patient players in the game.

Be Friendly

Step 3Make Him Pick

You must let the kid choose what he loves to play and what he doesn’t. If a kid loves to play football, provide him with all the necessary stuff and let him train with the help of videos, recordings, and a proper training session through an academy or by yourself.Always prefer what the kid wants to do. Then focus on what he is really interested in. Letting him take part in his favorite sports will increase his confidence and morale.

Make Him Pick

Step 4Make Him Watch Others

Once the kid shows interest in what he loves, make him watch that how others are performing in that sports game in the world. This gives him motivation and confidence and allows him to learn a lot of new things.Making him watch others will teach him a lot of lessons and observe the game as a third person view to analyze what can go wrong and what can be made right.

Watch Others

Step 5 Engage Yourself With Him

Now you have to become a part of his activity. Engage your kid with the sports game that he likes and train him by yourself.You can play with him daily to increase his confidence and interest in the game. However, you can use applause for him for his performance in the game to keep him motivated.

Engage Yourself With Him

Step 6Praise His Efforts

As a beginner, the kid may make a lot of mistakes but you have to praise his efforts and not go for the results. Furthermore, tell him that he is doing well and he needs to do it even better every day.You can set daily objectives or goals for him to develop his interest and praise him whenever he achieves them.

Praise His Efforts

Step 7Mix Other Activities

Now you can mix a lot of other sports activities which come to his interest next. Then again, you can repeat all the same steps to make him feel motivated and take part in other sports as well.Mixing other sports activities with his interest will give him a good sportsman spirit meanwhile it will allow him to work even harder.

Mix Other Activities

Step 8Plan A Game

After the kid becomes motivated, you can either plan a tournament or a game event at home where you can invite his friends and all of your family so that everyone can have fun together.Planning a complete game with friends and family will make him happier than ever and he will feel motivated at his best.

Plan A Game


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Motivation for Athletes

There are some tips for motivating kid athletes that we will like to share with you.

  • You can buy jerseys and kits to motivate kids in sports
  • Get sportsbooks for toddlers and kids that teach the basics
  • Set challenges for the kids that they can achieve to believe in themselves
  • Aim for objectives to achieve daily
  • Practice and compete with friends regularly


To conclude, this was a short guide on how to motivate kids in sports in which we have listed the easiest steps to motivate kids who are new to sports. There are also some tips about how to motivate athletes so that you can get the idea about how to get your child motivated in sports to keep him active and prepared.

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