As easy as it is to entertain children. It is just as difficult to convince them or motivate them to study. Many times you try how to motivate kids to study and apply different techniques still it doesn’t work. So, now you’ll have to dig deeper to find a perfect solution that works best for your child. As a parent, each one is concerned about his child’s Development whether physical or cognitive way.

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Step by Step How to Motivate Kids to Study

Sometimes we are unable to figure out the reasons for the child's unmotivated behavior. We try our level best to motivate the child. But all go in vain because we applied methods on methods without knowing the main cause.

If we want to motivate a lazy child to study, we should do it by taking small steps and deep research. Also see more related topics like How to Motivate Kids in SportsHow to Motivate Kids in SportsHow to Develop Social Skills in Child, How to Teach a Child Cursive Writing,  How to Engage Children During Winter Vacations, and How to protect your children from child abuse: a parent's guide.

Step 1 Build a Strong Relationship with kids

Before stepping into anything if you are a parent or a teacher the first and most important thing you have to do is to make a good bond with the child. Often we are unable to give them proper attention.

If we are sharing a friendly bond with children but unable to pay them time or we are giving them proper time but we are way too strict toward them. Both situations will work against making a good bond. we must remember that children need both elements of attention and a friendly environment to build strong relationships.

If you share a nice bond with a child he will be able to communicate in a better way and it is the basic key to motivating your child.

How to motivate kid to study

Step 2Observe kid's Learning Style

We all are well aware of the fact that each child is different in her own way from others. Like everyone's physical features, cognitive features also vary from one another.

Keeping this in mind we should observe the child and his learning style carefully. If we are able to correctly observe the child's style then it will be easy for us to encourage him.

If we talk about learning styles there are basic 4 types of learners

  • Visual Learning
  • Auditory Learning
  • Reading with Writing
  • Kinesthetic Learning
learning style

Step 3Visual Learning for kids

Many children have an excellent ability to learn things visually. If your child picks up things with images and videos and recalls them easily then he is a visual learner. Visual learners take information through vision more effectively.

visual learning

Step 4 Auditory Learning

If a child is good at recalling things he heard or spoke. Then he is said to be an auditory learner. Auditory learning includes a simple teaching method through which children can listen and then store information.

auditory learning

Step 5Reading with Writing

Many children use this reading and writing method to better store information in their minds. They write the word they want to learn and this is their best way of storing information.

reading with writing

Step 6 Kinesthetic Learning

Children often remember things when they are physically involved. they mostly learn through physical activities. If you correctly observe your child's learning style then you can motivate him according to his style.

kinesthetic learning

Step 7Discover Interests

You share a great bond with your child also you knew his learning style but this is still not enough. You must discover a child's interests and preferences before knowing how to motivate kids to study.

Notice your child while playing in the garden or while watching cartoons and reading books, to figure out his interests. You must also notice him while having discussions related to school or friends or simply when he is playing with his toys.

If you are well aware of your child's interests it will help you to encourage him in his studies. you can provide him with interesting stuff to enhance his abilities.

Discover interests

Step 8Don't Limit Learning to Classroom

If a child follows a boring pattern of running to school, attending classes and activities then back home, and dealing with books full of homework then he may be fed up no matter how good a student he is. We should not force children to the routine methods of learning. Instead, We have to think out of the box by making each and every activity of the child a learning process.

  • If a child is on a walk with you make him well aware of different buildings. You can tell him that this is a hospital and here sick people are treated. Now when you again walk by a hospital you can ask him do you remember which place is this?
  • You can also tell him to count trees on the roadside and while coming back. You can ask him to count what he has earlier done.
  • Engaging him in house chores while counting can also make it's its way to learning.

You should keep in mind that studying is not about learning a textbook. It is more about gathering knowledge and then implementing it.

Don't limit learning to classroom

Step 9Provide Interesting Stuff

Many times children are unable to motivate because the material provided for learning is boring on their terms. Many kids find their textbooks boring but they love to read storybooks in this way child shifts his interest. But now it is upon you how you make this interesting thing a learning stuff

  • If a child is interested in storybooks then let him read stories it will enhance his reading ability. provide him stories through which he will be able to learn new things.
  • you can also provide him with toys through which he is able to discover new things. By providing him set of animals and playing with him by organizing them according to the animal kingdom, he will be able to learn about the animal kingdom.

This technique will encourage the child to learn more about different things also through this method his ability to learn through different mediums will increase.

provide interesting stuff

Step 10Set Rewards

Many Parents use this technique to motivate their child towards the study by setting rewards, for improving study skills but this will work in the short term as a child may at a time pays full attention but may not be able to retain learned things for the long term. you can use these tactics when a child is distracted for example if he is busy in watching cartoons you may ask him to let finish his work first then he will be allowed to watch cartoons for half an hour or simply you can bribe him with his favorite chocolates.

But this method will be used as a distraction rather than as motivation. You should not always set rewards as it will lower the learning motivation.

set rewards

Step 8Make a Planner

For encouraging a child you can make a chart of 7 days of the week and add a different task to it. Like on Monday you can add reading a science lesson in the same way on Tuesday you can add on some G.K questions. In this pattern, you can complete this chart and then ask your child to complete the task each day and mark the day on the chart. On the final day upon completing the task surprise him with a gift, chocolates, or sweets.

make a planner




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