Ablution or Wudu is the Islamic procedure for cleaning parts of the body before worship, without making Wudu or Ablution, all our prayers are invalid. Islam emphasizes cleanliness, hence making Wudu compulsory for prayers.

Besides physical cleanliness, Wudu has a great impact on spiritual cleanliness. Wudu keeps away evilness and brings spiritual peace in person.

Ablution ritual includes washing hands, putting water in the mouth, on the nose, and washing arms, and feet.

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Allah Says In The Quran

Narrated Naum Al-Mujrim "Once I went up the roof of the mosque, along with Abu Hurairah R.A. He perform Ablution and said, " I heard the Prophet saying, "on the day of Resurrection, my followers will be called Al-Ghurr-ul-Muhajjalun from the trace of ablution and whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so (by performing ablution regularly).

Steps for Making Wudu(Ablution)

Step 1 Make Niyyah for Performing Wudu

Start by the Niyyah for making wudu (Ablution) by saying “In the name of Allah” Niyyah is an Islamic concept that our actions are done with the intent of pleasing Allah, saying Bismillah before beginning wudu either loud or silent.

Step 2 Wash Your Hands

Wash both hands, starting from your left hand to wash your Right hand up to the wrist. Do this three times. Next, repeat the process and wash your Left hand with your right hand again do this three times. Also, clean inside the fingers.

Step 3 Wash Inside of Your Mouth(Oral Rinse)

Take water into your mouth with your right hand. then clean your mouth thoroughly with your index finger and throwback the water from your mouth, Repeat this step three times.

Step 4Put Water Into Your Nose

Then put the water into your nose by using your right hand and inhale the small amount of water into your nose and clean the nose with your small finger, Repeat this step three times. Remember not to inhale too much water which can cause difficulty in breathing.

Step 5 Wash Your Face

Take a hand full of water and wash your face with both of your hands covering the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin and from mid of one ear to another ear so that your full face gets properly washed. if you have a thick beard then run your fingers in your beard to clean it from dust and dirt. Repeat the process three times.

Step 6 Wash Your Arms

Then thoroughly wash your right arm (from your tips of fingers to the elbow ) with your left hand three times and then wash your left arm (from your tips of fingers to the elbow ) with your right hand three times.

Step 7 Clean Your Head(Masah)

Then clean your head with the help of your fingers this ritual is called MASAH. Firstly wet your hands, and then wipe a quarter of your head( from forehead to back of your head) with your hands. Also, clean your both ears with your fingers.

Step 8 Wash Your Feet

The last step for making wudu is to perform Foot MASAH, Now wash both of your feet. Firstly wash your right feet and then your left feet, Both feet are washed with your left hand. Also, clean inside the fingers of your feet. Remember to wash your feet properly cleaning from your fingers to the end of your heels.

Step 9 Reciting Shahadah





  • There is no difference between wudu for males and females.
  • If it is not possible to make Wudu before praying TahajjudIstikhara or Janazah then you can perform Tayammum instead.


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