How to prepare for board exams in Pakistan can be a big question! Additionally, board exams play an important role in putting up the future of a student. Whether it’s the selection of the colleges for students or either it’s the decision of getting into his/her dream career, board exams are the stepping stones to the success of a student. Every child has a different ability and approach to studies, and one cannot judge the ability of a student while he/she is still preparing for exams.

The appropriate preparation for the board exams is very necessary, in order to achieve good marks. Besides, the student must be well-prepared and should be mentally healthy to perform at his/her best. Avoid cramming your mind, as it will result in weak focus and loss of interest in studies. Also, to prevent this situation a student must have a clear mind, and a timetable, and must know how to manage his/her education and health both.

In this article, Stepshowto has brought a few basic points to help the students prepare for their board exams and guide them on How to Prepare for Board Exams in Pakistan

Anam Faisal

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Step 1 Make a Study Timetable

Being punctual, organized, and determined is the key element to one's success. Whether it's the achievement in studies or attaining a goal in your life e.g. business, career, etc, you must have a plan or a schedule in your mind to follow, so that you can timely complete your tasks.

Similarly, when you start to prepare for your exams you must have a timetable set. Not only you must have it but following it is also compulsory.

Make a Study Timetable

Step 2 Begin with Important Topics

Make a planner mentioning the hard-to-learn and important topics. Categorize these topics and divide their time accordingly. In fact, cover these high-weighted chapters first as they can be time-consuming and will need more attention and focus to learn and understand. If you are having any doubts related to any topic, reach out to your teacher and clear all the doubts beforehand. Then, switch to the easier topics and mark your planner accordingly.

Begin with Important Topics

Step 3 Pay Attention to In-Text and Exercise Questions

Every subject contains exercises at the end of the chapter. It includes all the important questions, MCQs, and other related exercises. The practice of these exercises will help the students to assess their knowledge of the content as well, this way they will focus on the weak links and improvise in due time.

Pay Attention to In-Text and Exercise Questions

Step 4 Focus on Speed and Accuracy

Focusing on the speed and accuracy of your writing can be a basic part of the answer related to how to prepare for board exams in Pakistan. Because, board exams in Pakistan, have a specific time duration of 3 hours to finish the examination. The student must complete all the requirements of the examination within the given time limit. To practice, the student must set a timer every time he/she prepares for the exam to see if his/her writing speed and accuracy are satisfactory. Set a writing target for yourself, mark the time and try to complete it within time. This will help you in improvising your writing speed.

Focus on Speed and Accuracy

Step 5Improve your Management Skills

If a student has good management skills, they can achieve every goal in their life. Moreover, they can achieve more in less time. Make a weekly planner and highlight the important tasks, and divide them per day. Managing your schedule will help you to balance your life, and studies and get some spare time for recreational activities. And this way the student can save more time for revision of the syllabus.

Improve your Management Skills

Step 6 Practice and Revise More

Engage yourself more in the focus and multiple revisions of the entire syllabus. Practicing already learned exercises repeatedly will polish your learning skills. Moreover, a student should focus on already solved mock tests, analyze the previous mistakes, and learn from them to improve the weak links.

Practice and Revise More

Step 7Assess Your Skills

Make a real-life board exam scenario for yourself and isolate yourself away from distraction. You can take some help from anyone to make a question paper for you according to the paper pattern and complete it in the time span of 3 hours. This will be a great help in addressing students' exam-related anxieties because as calm the student will be the more productively he will deliver the tasks. Additionally, it will boost the student's confidence and energy and he/she will be well prepared for the examination.

Assess Your Skills

Step 8Clarity of Basic Concepts

Whether you pick chemistry, computer sciences, economics, or any other topic, your basic concepts must be clear about each element of that subject. If you don't understand these concepts it will get a little harder for you to prepare well. Always keep your doubts solved by talking to your teacher. Otherwise, confusing concepts can create a void in your mind, which can lead to anxiety and frustration.

Clarity of Basic Concepts

Step 9Personalise Notes for each Subject

Always note down the keynotes for each subject while taking a lecture or reading the content yourself. These notes will sharpen your mind and will save time for revising the whole chapter. This way, before sitting in the examination hall you will be able to revise your exam, from the key points that you noted before.

Personalise Notes for each Subject

Step 10Keep your Mind Calm

Never overthink during the preparation for exams, for it will block your mind and tangle all your thoughts. As you also know that even Rome Was Not Built in a Day. So, don't push yourself to learn everything in a single day, or else it will lead you to anxiety. Be steady and patient and do not overdo things.

Keep your Mind Calm

Step 11Never Ignore Your Health

Especially, An Adequate Sleep Pattern, A Balanced Diet, and Drinking lots of water to keep your mind hydrated is very important for the student's health. Plan your whole day accordingly and divide the time for sleep, food, study, and other mind-lightening activities. Your brain needs to rest the same way your body does. Spend your free time in activities that make you happy like painting, gardening or outing, etc.

Never Ignore Your Health

Step 12Switch Subjects

Occasionally, switch between the subjects as you don't want to study chemistry for straight 6 hours. Otherwise, you will lose interest in your studies too soon. Divide your subjects per day and start your day with an easy topic/subject and eventually jump to the harder topic/subject.

Switch Subjects

Step 13Solve Guess Papers

Board has a specific paper pattern for the examinations. Copies of previous question papers are easily available in a local stationery store or you can also find them online. Fetch the question papers of the previous five years and solve all of them. Try to complete these papers in the allotted time as we all know that practice makes a man perfect.

Solve Guess Papers

Step 14Explain the Content

A better way to assess your preparation is to explain the concepts of a topic to someone. For that purpose, ask favor from someone who can listen to you patiently, and does not has any knowledge about that topic. Try to make them understand the concept of the content. Additionally, use easy words to explain and if you still face any trouble in explaining the topic, you know that you need another revision.

Explain the Content

Step 15Use Technology

The invention of technology has made our lives much easier. One of the best inventions is the Internet. There are multiply educational applications on the internet, through which you can make your own flashcards and assessment papers. These applications provide variations of concepts that will help you to gain your knowledge and polish your skills.

Use Technology

Step 16Manage your Study Space

Try to make your study surroundings as comfortable as they can be. Organize your books well and make some space to spread your books to have a fine approach to every related topic. Remove anything from your workspace that can be a distraction, in order to properly focus on your preparation.

Manage your Study Space




As the day of the examination gets closer it's natural for a student to take the stress. The final hours before the examination can be compelling. To avoid anxiety and stress, limit your thoughts and don't let them whirl in your mind. Close your books at least an hour before the examination. This will give a break to your mind to relax and energize and you will be focused on the question paper more efficiently. Never leave all the work for one day. Preplan your studies and leave enough time for the preparation before the examination. Similarly, always take adequate time for food and sleep to keep your mind active and energized. How better you concentrate all depends on the clarity of your thoughts.

We hope that all the above tips will help you with the question you had in your mind before starting this article ie: How to Prepare for Board Exams in Pakistan.