How to protect your teeth from acids, cavities and bacteria because, healthy teeth and gums make feel easy to eat and enjoy every food. Oral hygiene is very important not only for our health but also it is a must to protect your teeth from Several problems. Due to the bad health of teeth, your whole body is victimized by different diseases. Furthermore, if your teeth are not healthy or stronger too much, you will not eat properly your desired food. A most common part of our body is teeth if they are not performed well your body will not do proper work.

Every food is passing through 1st from the mouth, without healthy teeth how we can chew food for our digestion protection of teeth is should be your 1st priority related to your health. here I’m going to share some important tips, which is easy to protect your teeth from damage, decay, and cavities with the help of the following steps

Causes of teeth decay and Gum Diseases

your teeth are covered with a hard, outer layer called enamel. daily we eat food, during eating or after eating food sticks with our teeth in the narrow joints. when we do not floss or brush daily these smaller substances of food are converted into bacteria which produced acids that can affect your teeth cavity .it is most frequently happen due to starchy foods and the use of Drinks

Treating for your teeth

  • Biting nails
  • Use of Tobacco
  • Use of toothpicks
  • Hard candies
  • ice
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Sticky and crunchy food
  • Alcohol and Soda water

Protect your teeth in 12 steps

Everyone want to protect their teeth from cavity and disease’s free, how you can protect your teeth here you will learnt the most important step which you can apply frequently at home in a less time. just scroll down a page for getting easy tips of protection. Also see related topics like How to Fix Receding Gums Naturally in the Health Category.

Brush Regularly

Use of Brushing to remove smaller particles or other harmful substances of food from your teeth which can be harmful to your teeth decay. Oral hygiene is initially started with brushing Every day you should brush twice a day at the morning and evening for 5 minutes with good quality Florida or toothpaste. which can prevent your teeth from decay and cavities.

How to use Brush

  • Gently move the brush back and forth in a circular motion
  • Use soft-bristled toothbrush 
  • Use the toothbrush at a 45 degree 
protect your teeth

Flossing  can protect your teeth

Everyone can get a cavity. if you want to get rid of it you will have to do flossing in a day which can frequently reduce cavities and help to protect your teeth. Sometimes in the area of the mouth brush can’t reach at deeper or narrow joints between the teeth so for removing the smaller substances from our teeth flossing is the best idea .Try to make it your daily habits .only just you will have to need 5 minutes .if you want to get your teeth healthy and disease free .

flossing can protect your teeth 1

Use of fluoride

Fluoride protects your teeth by promoting the growth of stronger enamel in your mouth. Bacteria damage your tooth’s enamel, therefore if you want a protective covering on your teeth, fluoride may assist help safeguard your teeth. But make sure that chosen fluoride should be medicated. Only you have to use it for 5 minutes in a day.

Use of fluoride to protect your teeth

protect your teeth with mouthwash

If you’re not comfortable with brushing or flossing you should try daily medicated mouth wash. Mouth wash contains chlorhexidine antibacterial ingredient, which helps to control plaque and gum disease. If you have a severe problem of bleeding during brushing and flossing then you have a good option to protect your teeth. Just take two-three drops of mouthwashes and rinse it thrice a day for 3 minutes especially before sleeping. 

mouthwashe for prottection of teeth 2

Drink plenty of water instead of sugary drink 

Using of water is excessively keep your mouth clean and it’s not allowed to stick plaque with your teeth. Because Acids from plaque, food, and beverages can damage your teeth. While the sugary drink has different sort of chemicals like energy drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, fruits drinks, and cordials have high levels of acids that produce cavities and decay in your mouth while Freshwater restores tooth enamel and fights dry mouths harmful bacteria .stay your self away from these drinks and use any other healthy food or drink which is best for your teeth protection.

drink water not sugray drinks 2

Quit smoking and Alcohol 

Smoking not only causes lung cancer it completely destroyed the whole immune system of the body. If you want to save yourself from oral cancer then you must have to stay away from tobacco, and alcohol. Such substance produces bad breath, bleeding gum, tooth loss, swollen gum, and inflammation. Due to inflammation and other reasons, salivary gland openings on the roof of the mouth get swollen which makes your teeth’ jaws weak. It has proven track that saliva in the mouth keeps your mouth safe from disease but the use of Alcohol in large amounts decreases saliva which increases tooth decay. if you will say goodbye to smoking and Alcohol your teeth never prey to decay and cavity.

aviod smoking and alchol 2

 Use less amount of coffee and tea

Decoloring of teeth also predicts that your teeth have weaken bones they are not getting proper nutrient foods. If your teeth are yellow, it means they are not protective, no doubt that coffee and tea have some amount of nutrients but it can be too much harmful for your teeth. Sugar is present in both of them therefore choosing to forego sugar in coffee and tea may help you to protect your teeth. 

coffe and tea can be harmful for your teeth 5

Visit dental checkups Regularly 

Brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet can prevent you from having lighter tooth cavities. But some of plaque and Tatar are harder with age and not able to remove by self. In this matter of concern, only a professional dentist can check it up and address the problem on spot. The dentist will check for visual signs of cavities disease mouth cancer and will suggest you better treatment. after every 6 months to visit a dental clinic can protect your teeth oral health. 

dentist check up properlu 3

 Take more calcium and vitamin supplements

Some fruits and juices have vitamins but we don’t eat them regularly. Some diabetic patients are not allowed to eat such fruits also, kids don’t like some fruits to eat, similarly, they get victimized by low calcium intake. This problem solution is the food supplement with your near dentist’s suggestions. For the protection of your teeth is very important to use vitamins and calcium supplements for healthy teeth.

vitamin and calcium suppliment can protect your teeth 4

Protect your teeth from injury and mouth soured

Sensitivity lies in your gum, not in enamel. The wound becomes more sensitive if it is internally or externally damaged. Due to this reason, we can’t floss, or brush regularly. It may increase plaque in the teeth and the injured part of the mouth converted decay saliva into plaque which can be harmful to your teeth. So keep to save longer your teeth from injuries .. don’t use toothpicks and bite hard food with your teeth.

protect your teeth from injury 1

Rinse after eating fruits and meal

Some of the fruits like lemon, and grapes have high acids properties. Not only do they have a high level of sugar also they are full of fibrous biology causes which stick to the teeth, therefore combo of sugar and acids creates cracks at the roots of teeth so be conscious after taking fruits or food don’t forget to do rinse for 2 minutes

how to protect your teeth

some natural herbs which can protect your teeth

This herb has strong nourishing and bacterial strains power, which fight against plaque and protect your teeth from periodontitis 
We found a larger quantity of peppermint in toothpaste it provides vitamins and minerals to your teeth without any chemicals. Florid makes your teeth bone stronger. 
Essential oil reduces toothache and fights against strong and dangerous bacteria like streptococcus mutans. Lavender contains linalool which has antibacterial and fungal properties. Which decreased plaque and cavities from your teeth. 



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