Have you been facing a problem with how to recover deleted iMessages from your device? If yes, then StepsHowTo is sharing a detailed guide to help you recover deleted iMessages in easy steps. You will learn how you can use different ways to access deleted messages through iCloud, backup, or iTunes. iMessage is an instant messaging service that is only available on iOS platforms like the Apple systems. It is a great chat app that supports multimedia assets as well as end-to-end encryption. iMessage is powerful and cool enough in comparison to other built-in message apps, even if it isn’t the greatest among social messaging apps.

But, some users are facing issues in recovering the old messages on iMessage. The problem is that users can sometimes delete a chat by mistake or sometimes a person wants to recover an old chat to find the important data but fails to do so. This is the reason you are here today and we will teach you how to recover deleted imessages in different ways. Here is an easy guide. Also, for more related topics like Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger, Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone, Erase Data Permanently from Devices, Backup Camera Roll to Snapchat, Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone, and others explore the Technology category.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages from an iCloud backup

The most effective way to retrieve deleted messages on iMessages is by using iCloud Backup. Remember that this method is only effective if you had the backup of your phone stored before you cleared all your chats. The steps to recover deleted iMessages using iCloud backup are.

Open Settings

You need to go to Settings of your iOS device and then click on your account or your picture at the top.

Go to iCloud Backup

Now click on iCloud and then select the option that says Manage Storage where you will get access to the backup. Click Backups.

iCloud Backup

Check Last Backup

The backup option will show you a list of available backup files from the past from where you can click on the one that matches your device.

But do remember that before choosing this backup, you have to completely restore your device to old settings by using Factory Reset. So make sure to make copies of the existing files on your device before you run backups.

Reset Device

Go to General in the settings of your device where you can click Reset and it will ask you to Erase all the content and settings that exist in your device.

Remember that it will wipe the entire existing data and then reboot your device.

Use Backup

The last backup that you want to recover will only be restored once your device is reset to factory settings. For this, you have to select Restore from the iCloud Backup choice.

Once your phone recovers from the factory restore settings and boots up again, it will take you through a process where you will choose that backup file to get your data back.

It will bring all the old iMessages and chats along with other data that you stored in that backup file. This is one of the easiest and simplest approaches to recover deleted text messages iPhone without a computer.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone – iTunes Backup

You can also recover deleted text messages without backup or computer if you know how to recover them using iTunes. When your backup from iCloud fails, you can use iTunes on older versions of the Mac or Windows. Before you start, you should know that this method also overwrites the data on your existing data so you need to export your existing data someplace for safety reasons first.

Connect iPhone to Mac/PC

You will have to connect your iOS device to a PC or a Mac using a USB cable.

Connect iPhone to Mac/PC

Open iTunes

You will have to open iTunes from your device and then you can select the iPhone icon that appears at the corner.

Open iTunes

This option takes you to the finder from where you can select the device for recovery from that menu bar.

Restore Backup

From that point, you will choose the Restore Backup option which will be available in the General option. The method will now start to load backup files into your iPhone. It might take a few minutes to complete the process. After that, you will be able to see the text messages that you may have deleted by mistake.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 11 – Third-Party App

If you are using iPhone 11 and you want to look for a way to recover deleted imessages without backup. Then you can use a third-party app to recover your messages. You can get deleted messages in this way very easily. If you know which app is best for you to choose. By using apps like Dr.Fone by Wondershare on your PC, you will be able to recover old text messages on your iPhone.

This app automatically detects your device when connected to a computer system using a USB cable. It finds out all the deleted data once you click on recovery settings. It finds the data from your phone and recovers it easily if it wasn’t previously hard reset at any point.


This was a guide on how to recover deleted iMessages. In which you have learned how to retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone. The process can be repeated by anyone who has accidentally deleted iMessages conversations from his phone. For more details on deleted messages on iPhone, accidentally deleted iMessages, or how to find old text messages on iPhone, feel free to leave a comment below.


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