If you have deleted messages on Facebook and you want to know how to recover deleted messages on messenger, then you can recover them easily with different methods. Missing messages can be aggravating, especially if you know it would be difficult to recover them but with sophisticated data recovery technologies, this is no longer the case.

If you’ve just lost some crucial Facebook discussions with pals and aren’t sure how to get deleted messages back then this guide is for you. You have to be patient and try each of the steps that we are providing here so that you can get deleted Facebook messages back again. Let’s start with each step one by one to recover deleted Facebook messages. For more related topics like How to Recover Deleted iMessages, How to Erase Data Permanently from Devices, How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone, How to Deactivate Instagram Account, and others explore the Technology Category.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger PC Method

This is the basic method to recover deleted messages on messenger with the help of a PC browser. In this method, you have to go with these steps.

Login Facebook

Firstly, you have to open Facebook.com and log in with the account for which you need to recover deleted messages.

Login Facebook

Open Settings

Then you can go to Settings and Privacy option to choose Settings after logging into your Facebook account.

open Facebook messenger setting

Locate and Download Info

You have to search and locate the ‘Your Facebook Information’ option and select it from the drop-down menu. Then you can click on ‘Download Your Information’ from the menu and allow it to do the work for you.

 message Recovery process

Create File

Now you have to check your data available and then make sure your Messages are included. Then you have to click ‘Create File.’

Click Download

Finally, after this, you just have to click the Download option to retrieve lost or deleted messages on Facebook messenger after your data has been processed.

retrieve messages

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Messenger Using Android File Explorer

Facebook Messenger sticks to the “Off the Internet” concept, which means that your data is always duplicated in your device’s storage space. This implies that locating your deleted chats in your File Management App is a straightforward way to retrieve deleted chats that you had on Messenger. The steps to recover deleted Messenger messages are.

Open File Explorer

You have to begin with opening the file explorer of your android device in which you have been using Facebook Messenger app.

Go To Storage

Now you have to go to SD card or Storage folder inside it.

Search Android Folder

Now you have to find and open the Android folder that is containing all the essential data related to your apps like Messenger.

Open Data Folder

Now open the Data Folder and then click on Cache Folder.

Use FB Temp

Now you can click on the FB temp folder that will allow you to recover deleted Facebook messages.

It stores backup files for each app and as a result, FB Messenger will have your chats data saved in that folder, giving you a wonderful opportunity to recover lost Messenger messages.

How to See Deleted Messages on Messenger for Android Using PC

If you are unable to find deleted Facebook messages using the methods described above, you might attempt accessing your smartphone memory from a computer. To show deleted messages, messenger data can be accessed by using a cable to connect the PC with your smartphone and extract the data.

Get USB Cord

First, you have to get a USB cord that connects your PC with your Android device. Connect them both.

Access Internal Storage

Now you have to locate the android device using your PC to access its data. Now you have to go to SD card or internal storage where your android data is stored.

Locate com.facebook.orca

Now you have to open the Android folder and click on the Data option. There you will find the “com.facebook.orca” folder with essential data.

Locate com.facebook.orca

Use Backup and Locate Messages

Now you can find messages for messenger with the backups that will be available in the “com.facebook.orca” folder. You just have to find Cache option and open the FB temp folder.

data Recovery

Now you will be able to find old messages on messenger in “com.facebook.orca” and begin retrieving deleted Facebook Messenger messages from your PC.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from Archives

Sometimes, it is possible that a person may have sent the chat in the archives folder instead of deleting the chat. After that, he may be looking for a way how to find deleted messages on Facebook that won’t give him any results. Luckily, the archived messages can be accessed instantly and archived chats on messenger can’t be found afterward. The steps are.

Open Messenger

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone or tablet and log in with your login credentials.

Search ChatBox

Look for the chat that you thought you erased in the search bar.

Send A Message

When you find the desired chat, send another message to the recipient, and the entire conversation will be unarchived in your messenger chat list. This is the simplest way to recover archived messages from Messenger.

 message Recovery

How to Find Deleted Messages Using Third Party App

If you don’t know how to recover deleted messages on messenger using a third party app, then you can learn from these steps to use this solution to recover your deleted Facebook messages. However, using third-party data recovery software is the next quick approach for recovering deleted Facebook messages. These apps use innovative algorithms to help you recover all types of files and data with ease because these programs function in the background, saving you time and reducing manual labor.

The steps for recovering Facebook messenger messages with a third-party app are.

Download Stellar Data Recovery

The first step you need to do is open your browser, and search for Stellar Data Recovery For Android to download it on your system.

Stellar Data Recovery

Install The Software

Install it on your PC and then run the program.

Data recovery

Check for Recovery Files

This tool gives you more control over your data by allowing you to choose which files to keep and which to delete and it also allows you to preview data before restoring it.

Stellar Data Recovery

Select Messenger Data

Now search and select messenger data from the options and click on the Restore button. This will allow you to recover all forms of deleted and lost data. Including text messages, images, videos, documents, and other file types.

Stellar Data Recovery

This software for data recovery is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and others. Furthermore, this is the reason it is one of the best solutions to your problems about how to bring up deleted messages on Facebook messenger.


To conclude, this was a detailed guide on how to recover deleted messages on messenger. Furthermore, in which you learned how to get back your deleted messages on messenger. However, we hope this guide was helpful for you and it has taught you how to restore chat on Facebook messenger. Also, more helpful information is available at StepsHowTo.


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