If you don’t know how to remove your credit cards from Netflix to save monthly charges for subscriptions, then StepsHowTo will help you sort out the matter. In most cases, there is no way to get rid of your credit card information from Netflix. The only way is that you can only modify your payment details, which allows you to cancel future payments and subscriptions to Netflix. In this guide, you will learn details like ways to remove your credit card from Netflix. Also, you’ll get the help of customer support to delete your subscription method. Also see more articles like How to Deactivate Instagram, How to Bypass Two Step Verification iCloud, How to Get Free Robux, and others in the Technology category.

You will need to stick to this guide. Follow the guide and see how you can change the Netflix payment method by removing your credit card info. Through a regular subscription, you can remove or change Netflix billing. This will allow you to save money. As well as provide you a way to connect another payment method through a credit card. Or any other source by removing existing credit cards from Netflix.

How to Remove Credit Card from Netflix – 4 Simple Steps

The steps to remove credit cards from Netflix are pretty simple if you know the trick. As we know that it is impossible to remove credit card info from Netflix manually. Here is a solution that people don’t know. Try the below-mentioned steps and see if they work for you.

Step 1

Simply open www.Netflix.com so that you can access its Help Center.

remove credit card

Step 2

Then you have to find or search for Chat Option for Netflix and use its search. Search for Membership and Payment option settings.

remove Credit Card from Netflix

Step 3

Then you can type here “Update Payment Info” for the removal of the payment option. It will display you a screen from where you can get various options like in the given picture below. Click Update Payment Info.

remove Credit Card from Netflix

Step 4

This will allow you to cancel your membership if you click on Finish Cancellation for membership right away. You will just need to enter the e-mail address for confirmation that you have registered with Netflix for connecting on the platform.

remove Credit Card from Netflix

After a short interval of time or maybe a day, you will receive an email. It’ll let you know that your payment method is rremove from your Netflix account. If you’re a current Netflix subscriber, check your account’s billing section to see if anything has changed. But this method may not work for you if you don’t have any other payment methods for Netflix that are linked here.

Removing Credit Card With Customer Support

Another way by which you can change the Netflix payment method or remove credit card from Netflix is by choosing the customer support method. To erase payment information after your account has been canceled, contact the customer service of Netflix by using 1–866–579–7113. To unsubscribe from a Netflix account with a credit card, the quick and simple answer is that it is not possible to do it manually.

This is why you must first deactivate your Netflix account before you are contacting customer service. If you want to remove any billing addresses from records, or if you need help removing payment information from your account, then contact customer support through e-mail or by calling directly to their number, and they’ll make the necessary changes for you. Future monthly charges will be performed using a valid default payment method (if one exists), and this changed payment may take up to 24 hours to be removed from your Netflix account.

This could take up to 48 hours in rare circumstances for changing Netflix payment. You must note that future monthly charges will be processed using a legitimate default payment method, and it may take up to 24 hours for these revised payment methods for the Netflix account to completely appear inside your account. In some situations, there are some changes for the billing address and information connected with the credit card on file, as well as for Netflix update credit card. This helps in Netflix auto payment in the future when users have Netflix update cards.

It is for the users to notice then even if they delete their Netflix account, it will remain active for another ten months. You can come back at any point throughout those ten months without needing to re-register with Netflix or change the Netflix payment method.

Remove Credit Card From Netflix – Alternative Method

You must first deactivate your Netflix account before you may remove your credit card from the Netflix platform. Then, You’ll be able to withdraw the payment method that has been added. Whether it is credit or debit cards, once you deactivate your Netflix subscription account. You do not have the authority to remove your debit card or credit card from Payment methods as long as your Netflix account is active. This is why you can try an alternative way of deactivating your account for some time.

Netflix will immediately stop charging you every month after you deactivate your Netflix account or pause the membership that you subscribed to with your credit card. In this way, Netflix would only charge you if you reactivate your subscription. Never mind if you have your debit card or a credit card listed as a payment option or not. As you are not being charged.

In the end, instead of removing your credit card from the Payment methods of your Netflix subscription account, you can cancel or pause your membership plan, thus deactivating your Netflix account for a period of time. Netflix presently does not enable you to remove your credit card from your payment methods list once you have added it without contacting customer support. You will have to contact their customer support service for further help on this issue.

How To Deactivate Netflix Subscription Account

If you want to remove credit card information and cancel the Netflix subscription, you can just deactivate your account for some time. Netflix payment methods can change later on which means if you know how to remove a credit card from Netflix and you are able to easily remove it from the details, you can add another payment option later. Netflix change credit card payment is accepted the same way as your previously linked credit card so you don’t need to worry about it.

Change Netflix Account Payment Method

By changing the payment method, you can shift the details for your credit card information to choose PayPal which will currently shift your subscription as well. As there is no other authentic way of removing credit card info, you can simply change the payment method for the Netflix account. This will update your Netflix payment methods and allow payment update Netflix for the user permanently. Following are the simple steps to update your  Netflix account:

  • Select “Edit Payment Method” from your Netflix account’s page.
  • Select “Change Type” after which you may re-enter your Netflix account details and log in again.
  • Simply click “Add New Payment Method” at the bottom of the screen to add a new card. Then fill in all of the necessary details.
  • You will get your first Netflix bill via email after the payment.

You can cancel the subscription from Netflix about the membership plan too. The simple steps to do this are.

  • Use a web browser on your laptop or computer to access www.Netflix.com.
  • Click your Netflix Profile icon in the top right corner, then access the Netflix Account from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Cancel Membership that is available under Membership and Billing in the Netflix account settings.
  • After that, Netflix will show you a box asking if you’re sure you want to terminate your membership plan or change your payment method for Netflix.
  • Select Confirm Cancellation from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a reason for canceling your Netflix account subscriptions and then confirm.
Renewing Problem for Netflix Credit Card

If you’ve received an error notice stating that you won’t be able to renew your credit card on the Netflix platform and that a payment method update failed in any case. You will have to reach customer care through an email from Netflix or call their support team at 1-866-579-7113. The last four numbers of your credit card must be in your mind. You must send any billing address information link with the account

They will be able to amend the expiration date in the system for the removal of credit cards or renewing the credit card. Once they have confirmed the information, allow future payments to be handled successfully. Users must remember that this revised expiration date will apply to all future monthly payments of Netflix subscribers. It may take up to 24 hours for these changes to appear in their accounts. Normally, this could take up to 48 hours.

Future monthly charges will be handled using the new and updated data for expiration. It may take up to 24 hours for these updated Netflix payment information to completely display and appear inside your account.

Removing Details from Netflix Account

If you have removed your credit card from Netflix and you mean to remove your Netflix information as well. You need to go to the account profiles on your Netflix home page. Then select Manage Profile from where you can choose to edit option in the profile. It will allow you to delete the profile data by simply clicking the Delete Profile button given under that section.


This was a discussion on how to remove credit cards from Netflix and add new payment methods for Netflix. The information was clear about contacting Netflix customer support to get assistance in deleting the credit card information. If you still have more questions about How to change payment methods on Netflix or other such questions, see the FAQ section. Or leave your question for us in the section below.