Before discussing about how to remove mendeley from MS word, we must know that Mendeley is a company based in London, UK, which helps with products and services for academic researchers. It is a free web and desktop management app. Mendeley is used to manage and share research as well as to generate bibliographies for articles. It makes workflow easy and gives you the space to focus on your goals in a better way. You can manage to store, organize and search references from just one library.

Mendeley Cite is a citation tool, that is developing rapidly because of adding new functions and features on a regular basis. Mendeley’s site is totally compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Word versions, and the Microsoft Word app for iPad®. If you are using an earlier version of Word, then you can also use the Mendeley Citation Plugin for Word that is available with Mendeley Desktop.

Most issues with Medeley are easily solved by shutting down the Mendeley Desktop Software and then reopening it. Make sure to do the same if you are facing issues with mendeley. But, if you want to delete mendeley, In the topics below you will find the answers to your questions about deleting or uninstalling Mendeley from word. Let’s discuss the ways to delete and uninstall mendeley.

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how to remove Mendeley plugin from MS word windows

Step 1 close microsoft word

if you are not using MS word then its fine. but, If you are using microsoft word, you have to close it, if you want to delete the mendeley from the word completely.

Close Microsoft Word

Step 2 Open and uninstall mendeley desktop

Now open mendeley desktop from your windows computer. Go to the Tools menu in menu bar and select Uninstall MS word plugin option.

Open And Uninstall Mendeley Desktop

Step 3 Reopen MS Word

Now, reopen MS word. you will amazed to see that now mendeley plugin is not available and successfully uninstalled from the Microsoft word.

reopen MS word

how to remove Mendeley plugin from word mac

Third part apps can be uninstalled by simply deleting them. But, there are somethings you need to focus on while removing Mendeley from word. Make sure to shut down word before uninstalling mendeley. Otherwise, it is possible that you will have to face the leftover files of the app in the system.

Step 1 Quit mendeley

Before uninstalling, you have to check if the application is currently running or not. If it is running, then quit the application first. simply, right click on the active application in the dock and then press the quit to shut down the application.
If you find out that application is still running and not responding properly, then press command+option+esc to activate the force quit application window. Choose the application in the list and click the force Force Quit button.

quit mendeley

Step 2 Locate mendeley

To locate the Mendeley, you have to open up the Launchpad from the dock. In Launchpad locate the mendeley application. Or Open up the Finder, find Applications from side menu and locate the mendeley.

locate mendeley in mac

Step 3 Move to trash

Left click on mendeley icon and drag and drop it into bin present in the dock. Or Right Click on the application icon in Finder window and select move to bin option from the menu.

locate mendeley in mac

Step 3 empty the trash

Right click on the bin present in the Dock and chose Empty Bin option. it will delete all the data available in the bin permanently, including mendeley. You can separately delete the mendelely plugin from bin. For this Open Bin. Right click on the mendeley plugin and choose delete immediatly option.

empty recycle bin




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