An oil light indicates when the engine needs oil changing, it doesn’t turn off on its own when oil is changed you have to reset oil light once you had done changing old oil.

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Oil Lights

Oil indication light is a warning light also known as maintenance lights that are found on the instrumental panel of most automobiles, it informs the owner that the vehicle needs maintenance and it's time to change its engine oil. When light indicates an oil level warning it's better to drain the old oil and put on new oil in the vehicle, Once you had an oil changing procedure and still your light is on it's when you have to rest it.

Most oil lights need manual resetting, the basic procedure of resetting oil lights is the same throughout all vehicles However some steps may vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. In today's steps, we will guide you on how to reset the oil lights of your vehicle.

How to Reset Oil Lights in Vehicles

You can easily reset different vehicles' oil lights with three different procedures, If one is not working for your car's model then the other will definitely work.

Step 1 Reset Oil Light by Disconnecting Battery

Disconnecting a car battery is a way that can be applied to each and every model of vehicle from different manufacturers. Keep this in mind if you will use this method it may erase other onboard components from the vehicle.

  • Firstly, park your car in a safe place and open its hood, locate the vehicle's battery
  • Secondly, remove negative sign cable from the terminal of the battery. Use a wrench for removing the cable.
  • Then wait at least 10- 15 minutes, so that system will reset and clears all codes and errors.
  • Reconnect the cable with the terminal of the battery. Then start your car and the oil light will no more blink.
Reset by disconnecting battery

Step 2Reset Oil Light with a Code Scanner

OBD Scanner (onboard diagnostics) are devices that are used to scan errors by reading a vehicle's computer system. It's an expensive method to fix oil lights by using an OBD scanner.

  • Plugin the scanner's cord into the port underneath the steering or check your owner's manual for locating the port.
  • Switch on your vehicle by putting the key into the ignition, then press the read sign on the scanner.
  • Check codes appearing on the screen of the scanner, if you are unable to figure out codes then check the owner's manual
  • Press the delete/ Clear button to remove errors. Wait until scanner shows popup notification of "no codes" on screen
  • Disconnect the scanner from the port after switching off the vehicle, Start the vehicle and the oil light of the vehicle is all set.
Reset with scanner

Step 3Reset Oil Light Manually

The third and final way of resetting oil lights may vary from vehicle to vehicle, it's good to check your user manual before resetting oil lights.

  • Park your car and switch it off, then insert the key into the ignition. Don't start your vehicle otherwise you can't reset oil lights.
  • Turn the key to run position by a slight turn, switch your vehicle's odometer to total mileage.
  • Now press and hold the reset or odometer button which may be located on the side of the dash or underneath the steering.
  • Upon pressing the reset button, turn the key to the off position and again turn to the run position unless the oil light turns off. If your lights are still blinking then repeat these steps one more time.
Reset manually