Live Location:

If you are curious about how to share live location with your family and friends then StepsHowTo got you a solution. Just read the article and it will help you guide how to share live location with your loved ones.

Technology has created solutions for all our hassles. if we are away from our families we can make calls to reach out to them, in the same way.

If we want to share our locations we don’t have to worry about it just make some clicks and your current location is shared.

You can share your location using Google maps if you have a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account then you have to sign up first for sharing your location.

You have to use your mobile device whether it is an Android, iPhone, or a tablet for location sharing but you can use a computer to control your location sharing settings.

You are allowed to share your location with one’s who have a Google account and one’s who don’t have a Google account. And if you are sharing with those having a Google account. Make sure you added their address and also allow  Google maps to access your contacts.

How to Share Live Location:

Open Google Maps:

1. Go to your mobiles home screen and open Google maps

Open google maps to share location

2. Open your Profile:

Tap on your profile on the right side of your phone

Open you profile

3. Location Sharing Bar:

Tap on location sharing on a new page.

Location share box

4. Select Time Duration:

Now select the time for how long you want to share your location. You can select from both options, If you want to select “specific timing” then click on + and – to set your timing and otherwise select the other option given below.

Select time duration

5. Select Contact and Share:

 Select your contact with whom you want to share your location if he is using a Google account and also in your contact list then simply select contact and tap share.

But if he is not using a Google account then you can use other tools to send them your location just simply send your link by pasting it in email or in other messaging apps.

Select an option from the following apps and send your link. You can choose a time frame for this link up to 24 hours.

Select contact you want to share your location with

Stop live location sharing:

When you want to stop sharing your location again open Google maps on your device. Click on your profile then tap location sharing tap on the profile, In you don’t want to further share your location then tap stop.

Share your route:

If you are traveling either by car-bicycle or foot you can share your route location with your family and friends, they can track your route until you arrived at your destination

  • Start it by setting a destination for your route
  • Then start navigation
  • Tap on more options and  select share trip progress
  • Then select contacts with whom you want to share your progress
  • Upon reaching your destination again tap more and select stop sharing.

Seeking a friend’s location:

If you and your friends already shared your locations in the past you can seek his location by simply taping his contact in Google maps and then tap on more then selecting refresh.

Request for location:

If you had shared your location with someone o they had shared their location with you, you can ask them for your location by tapping on their contact in Google maps and then tapping request.

  • After getting your notification they view your profile.
  • May share their location with you
  • May Ignore your request
  • Or may block you, so you can’t request further.

Hide/unhide location:

You can also hide someone’s location from Google maps by tapping their contact and then tapping more after that tap hides from the map.

To unhide someone’s location tap on your profile then go to location sharing tap more than tap hidden from map tap more than tap show on the map.

Deny and block requests:

You can deny requests for your location by taping No this will not share your location

You can block by tapping block this will also not share your location as well as they cannot request anymore.

If you block someone from Google maps you can unblock them by tapping your profile and then going to location sharing at the top. Tap view blocked users and now you can unblock anyone by tapping remove on their contact.

     You can also check how to track someone’s location using a cellphone.



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