Zong is a Pakistan-based network providing company owned by ChinaMobile, Company provides consumers with Zong internet packages, call packages, and SMs packages.

In 1991 zong started its operations as Paktel by Cable & wireless. It was the first company that grant a free license to start services in Pakistan until 2004 it took out AMPS services and then starts GSM services in 2004. In 2007 Paktel was renamed China Mobile Pakistan, and in 2008 it was rebranded to Zong.

Zong was announced as the number 1 data provider by PTA, it was also awarded as the fastest growing cellular network in Pakistan. It is one of the three network operators which conducts 5G trials, it is providing 4G+ coverage in major cities of Pakistan. Zong provides consumers with a variety of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly internet bundles to choose from, according to preferences.

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages

Stepshowto gathered the information for zong consumers to activate the zong internet packages from daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly bundles.

Daily Bundles

Offers Data Cost Activation code Status
Social Pack Offer 100 MB PKR 10 *6464# *102#
Social Offer 1,5 GB PKR 23 *386# *102#
Youth Offer 2,5 GB PKR 23 *6464# *102#
Daytime Offer 1,5 GB PKR 23 *47# *102#
Basics Offer 100 MB PKR 23 *6464# *102#
Data Max Offer 1 GB(500 Internet+500 YouTube) PKR 49 *6464# *102#

Daily Social Pack Offer

Zong offers its customers with 100MBs of Social Apps internet data for Rs 10. The offer is valid for 1 day.

Data: 100MBs
Rs: 10
Activation Code: *6464#
Status: *102#

Daily Social Offer

Customers can enjoy 1.5 GB of Social Apps data for just Rs 23 for a full day.

Activation Code: *386#
Status: *102#

Daily Youth Offer

Zong Consumers will get 2.5 GB of internet for Rs 23 for a full day. The offer is valid from 1 am to 9 am.

Data: 2.5GB
Activation : *6464#
Status: *102#

Daily Daytime Offer

Customers can avail 1.5GB in Rs 23 ,applicable from 4am to 7pm. This is a limited-time offer by zong.

RS: 23
Activation Code:*47#
Status: *102#

Daily Basics Offer

Zong consumers will get 100MB for Rs 23 for a full day.

Activation Code:*6464#
Status: *102#

Daily Data Max Offer

Zong consumers can avail of a total of 1GB of the internet (500internet +500 youtube) for Rs 49 for a full day.

Activation Code: *6464#
Status: *102#

3 Days Bundles

Offers Data On-Net Min Off-Net Min SMS Cost Activation Code
Super Recharge Offer 2,5 GB 300 25 700 PKR 50 *3454#
Bundle Offer 1 GB 100 PKR 60 *3433#

3 Days Super Recharge Offer

Customers can avail of 2.5 GB of data with 25 other network minutes, 300 zong minutes, and 700 SMS for Rs 50 for 3 days.

Data: 2.5GB
Zong minutes: 300
Other Minutes: 25
SMS: 700
Activation Code: *3454#
Note: This offer is only valid for DG Khan, Rajanpur, Jampur, and Taunsa Shareef.

3 Days Bundles Offer

Zong consumers will get 1GB of the internet with 1000 zong minutes for Rs 60 for 3 days.

Data: 1GB
Zong minutes:1000
Rs: 60
Activation Code: *3433#

Weekly Bundles

Offers Data On-Net Min Off-Net Min Cost Activation Code
Tiktok Offer 2 GB PKR 49 *606#
Stay at Home Offer 10 GB 1000 PKR 98 *3434#
YouTube Offer 8 GB PKR 132 *570#
Super Weekly Offer 3 GB 25 25 PKR 185 *6464#
Super Weekly Plus Offer 8 GB PKR 240 *20#
Super Weekly Max Offer 16 GB+14 GB YouTube PKR 300 *220#
Super Weekly Premium Offer 30 GB Unlimited 150 PKR 350 *225#

Weekly Tiktok Offer

Zong customers will get 2GB of Tiktok App data in Rs 49 for 7 days.

Data:2GB Tiktok
Rs: 49
Activation Code: *606#

Weekly Stay at Home Offer

Customers can avail of 10GB internet with 1000 zong minutes from 6 am to 6 pm for Rs 98 for 7 days.

Data: 10GB
Zong minutes: 1000
Rs: 98
Activation Code: *3434#

Weekly YouTube Offer

Zong Customers can avail of 8GB of internet for 7 days is Rs 132.

Data:8GB YouTube
Activation Code: *570#
Status: *102#

Super Weekly Offer

Customers can enjoy 3GB of the internet with 25 minutes on all networks for Rs 185 for 7 days.

Data: 3GB
Minutes: 25
Rs: 185
Activation Code: *6464#

Super Weekly Plus Offer

Zong customers will get 8GB of total internet including 1GB WhatsApp for 7days for Rs 240.

Data: 8GB (1GB Whatsapp)
Rs: 240
Activation Code: *20#

Super Weekly Max Offer

Consumers will get 16GB of the internet with 14GB of YouTube for 7 days for Rs 300.

Data: 16GB+14GB YouTube
Rs: 300
Activation Code:*220#
Note: 5GB will available between 4am to 4pm.

Super Weekly Premium Offer

Zong customers will avail of 30GB of the internet with 150 off-net minutes and unlimited zong minutes for Rs 350 for 7 days.

Data: 30GB
Zong minutes: Unlimited
Other minutes: 150
Activation Code: *225#

Monthly  Zong Internet Packages

Offers Data On-Net Min Off-Net Min Cost Activation Code
Whatsapp Offer 5 GB PKR 59 *247#
Whatsapp Plus Offer 5 GB 200 20 PKR 110 *4000#
IMO Offer 2,5 GB PKR 59 *466#
Facebook Offer 6 GB PKR 108 *250#
Social Offer 12 GB 250 25 PKR 250 *6000#
Super Monthly Offer 5 GB PKR 290 *6464#
Super Monthly Plus Offer 20 GB PKR 550 *3#
Super Monthly Max Offer 40 GB PKR 899 *6#

Monthly Whatsapp Offer

Get 5GB of internet for Rs 59 for 30 days.

Data:5GB Whatsapp
Rs: 59
Activation Code: *247#

Monthly Whatsapp Plus Offer

Customers can enjoy 5GB of Whatsapp and Imo data with 200 zong minutes and 20 other networks minutes in Rs 110 for 30 days.

Data: 5GB Whatsapp+ Imo
Zong minutes:200
Other minutes: 20
Activation Code: *4000#

Monthly IMO Offer

Zong customers will get 2.5 GB of IMO internet for 30 days is Rs 59.

Data: 2.5GB IMO
Rs: 59
Activation Code: *466#

Monthly Facebook Offer

Zong consumers will enjoy monthly 6GB of Facebook for Rs 108.

Data:6GB Facebook
Activation Code:*250#

Monthly Social Offer

Enjoy 12 GB of social Apps data for 30 days is Rs 190.

Data: 12GB
Zong minutes: 250
Other minutes: 25
Activation Code*6000#

Super Monthly Offer

Avail 5GB of internet for 30 days for Rs 290 for 30 days.

Data: 5GB
Activation Code: *6464#

Super Monthly Plus Offer

Customers can enjoy 20GB of internet for Rs 550 for 30 days.

Data: 20GB
Activation Code: *3#
Note: 10GB is valid from 1 am to 9 am

Super Monthly Max Offer

Zong 4G internet consumers can avail of 40GB of the internet for Rs 899 for 30 days.

Data: 40GB
Rs: 899
Activation Code: *6#
Status: *102#
Note: 20GB is valid from 1 am to 9 am



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