Phonics works with a reading technique of linking words with specific sounds. This reading technique is introduced in Kindergarten. Graphemes are letters that are having specific sounds. They can be single letters or sets of letters. While the specific sound of Graphemes is known as phonemes.

Teaching Phonics includes several methods and steps. Today we’re going to discuss the steps for how to teach Phonics with simple fun activities.

Phonics helps kids to read easily by chunking words. So, It is good for improving kids’ pronunciation as well as their writing skills.

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Step 1 Decoding/Encoding Letters in Phonics

So, Before learning Phonics, Kids must have to recognize the letters and their sounds. When a kid recognizes a letter and says its sound loudly this process is called decoding.

While encoding is a process in which a kid is able to write a letter, and after recognizing the letter and letter sound. Say a letter to your kid and ask him to write the letter.

decoding /encoding

Step 2 Blending Letters Phonics

Through these blending letters, your kid learns to join letters and their specific sounds to make a word. We must teach kids by blending small words like a pan. Blending the specific sound of "a" and "n" makes "an". So, instead of blending three specific sounds for "p" "a" and "n" just blend two specific sounds "p" "an" (pan).

You can teach your child this exercise by providing him a sheet with different words on one side and correct words on another side. However, phonics also allows you to ask your child to connect letters and then circle the right word.


Step 3CVC Words in Phonics

In phonics CVC stands for constants vowels constants, start teaching kids through CVC words like Pan, Bed, Tin, Bow, Mug. provide your kid worksheet with images of CVC words ask him to fill in the blank with missing words.

cvc words

Step 4 Constant Clusters

Combining two constants makes a cluster. And the constant cluster can be in two sequels.

  • CCVC(constant constant vowel constant) like ship, shell, chop, chin
  • CVCC(constant vowel constant constant) like a king, sing, twin, ring
constant clusters

Step 5 Vowel/Constant Digraphs

A digraph is a sound that is produced by combining two letters. Digraphs can be vowel digraphs(ee/oa/ea/ue/ai) as well as constant digraphs(wh/th/ch/sh). you can teach your kid digraph words by preparing a sheet containing pictures on one side and their digraph word on another side, so you can ask your kid to match pictures with the correct word.

vowel/constant digraphs



Activities and Games for teaching Phonics to kids

Phonics also works on the principle of teaching through activities and games. Because it is considered to be the best approach to improve the learning experience.

Learning with Cards :

A lot of activities in Phonics involve cards because cards are widely used in teaching through entertainment and they are easily available to anyone.

  • you can make cards of Alphabets show them to your kids and say letters loudly with Phoneme, ask your kid to repeat them loudly after you.
  • you can also teach your kid by making cards consisting of two letters, ask your kid to say their sounds one by one, and then combine them to make one sound.

Learning with Actions

Connect sounds with some specific actions and teach your kid phonics through this technique. If you are teaching your kid the sound of "d", tilt your hands up and down in a way that one plays the drum. Say out the sound of the letter while repeating the action. Continue using different letters and actions.

Learning with Pictures

Show your kid pictures of different objects and then loudly say phonemes ask them to thumbs up if they are related to each other and thumbs down on non-relating sounds and pictures.

Smack the Letter

Smack the letter in phonics allows you to place different Alphabets on the table, say the sound of one of the letters, and ask your kid to smack a letter related to the sound. Continue this with further Alphabets.

Rainbow Hop Letter

Start it by writing letters on the ground then give your kid a dice ask him to roll the dice, and go to the number that comes on it then say the sound of a given letter.

Letter Sound Race

Place letter magnets on a table set a magnet board then loudly say the letter sound and ask your kid to bring and stick a letter related to the sound. this fun activity will enhance your child's letter recognition.

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