If you don’t know how to tie a bow tie, then today, StepsHowTo will provide an easy guide on how to tie a bowtie with the simplest procedure that you can follow. For the people who work in business firms or deal with clients all day in their job, they need to look fresh and keep their heads up. A bow tie can enhance the look and appearance of a stylish man who likes to keep himself prepared for any situation at any time.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

Adding a bow tie to a suit makes the appearance a bit more attractive which is why most people prefer a bow tie instead of a simple tie to wear. Tying a bow tie is very simple if you know how you would fold a pocket square and how you will manage the lengths from both sides. Well, this might not be a simple task for some people who are running late for work, here is a guide for them so that they can learn to tie a bow tie with simple steps to perform at home.

How to Tie a Bow Tie – Step by Step

The simplest and easiest way to tie a bow tie is shared below. You just have to stick to the steps that are given here. But remember, if the tie seems to be short, then you have to adjust the length of the tie which can be done from the buttons that are attached to the middle of a bow tie. By adjusting those buttons you can increase or decrease the length of your bow tie.

Hold and Wrap the Tie

The first step of tying a bow tie is taking an ideal length tie. You should hold that tie and wrap and place it on the back of your neck while the two faces of the tie should be in front of your neck. Hold both of those faces in your hands and keep one side longer than the other. If you are a right-handed person, then choose the right side to be longer. If you are a left-handed person, then stretch the left side a bit.

Flip the Shorter Side

Secondly, you have to take the longer side of the bow tie and flip it over the shorter side in your other hand.

Insert the Longer Side

When a cross is formed, you have to insert the longer side of the bow tie inside the center and pull it out under to flip it over from the front.

Deal with Shorter Side

Now you have to keep the longer side aside for a moment. You can fold it or place it on your collar and deal with the short side now. Here you will be following a method like tying a shoelace.

Hold the Shorter Side

You have to hold the shorter side in hand and bring it up sideways to your neck collar and place the plain side towards the front.

It should now look like this.

Pull Down the Longer Side

Now pull down the long side of the bow tie that you were holding on your collar and put it on the middle of the knot from the shorter side that you just placed in front of your neck.

Fold a Pocket Square

Now you have to fold a pocket square by inserting the longer side of the bow tie and putting it into the back of the shorter side of the bow tie.

Pull the Longer Side

By sliding it into the loop that you created for the short side of the bow tie, you will have to pull the longer side of the bow tie from the back of one side of the tie knot to the other side.

Pull Both Sides

To gently tie a bow tie, you have to pull both sides of the bow tie. Pull the bow tie from both corners gently. Make sure that it holds the position well and covers the center at the middle properly. Your capability of folding pocket squares should be perfect otherwise you won’t be able to tie a bow tie.

tie a bow tie

Final Bow Tie look

By pulling the different ends from the sides of the bow tie. You can tie a tie properly and a bow tie is created perfectly. Hold the left back end in one hand and the right front end in your other hand. Pull them all together to give it a final bow tie look.

bow tie

As a result, you will get a bow tie ready in seconds. This is how to tie a bow tie if you spare a few seconds to try it yourself. The process is as simple as it seems when you understand how to fold a pocket squares for tying a tie properly.


In this guide, helpful information about how to tie a bow tie is shared with detailed steps. It’s important for a person to know how to bow tie properly before going to a special event. However, if you have more questions about how to tie a bowtie, or tying a tie, or get a proper bow tie look, you can leave your comments or read the FAQ section.


How to adjust a bow tie?

To adjust a bow tie, you simply have to hold one end from the back of the bowtie. One end from the front of a bowtie. Then, stretch the bowtie to adjust its formation.

How to tie a bowtie?

To tie a bowtie, you will simply have to keep one length short and the other long for the bowtie. Then cross the longer side over the shorter side. Make it come through the center from the back to the front. Then hold the shorter bow side close to the neck. Then, pull down the longer side to cross it over the shorter side from its back. Make a loop formation by crossing the longer side from the backside. Finally, insert it through one corner to the other corner to complete a bowtie.