When a user swaps their device to another iPhone device their first concern is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. you can easily copy your contacts via Airdrop, it is a feature for IOS users to safely transfer data between devices.

iPhone is a smartphone brand run by Apple Inc. Apple launched its first device in 2007 and from then each year Apple launches its upgraded new models. Its IOS operating system is one of the largest used operating systems since the iPhone is upgrading each year with its new features many users swap their devices for the upgraded ones.

If you want to copy 2 to 3 contacts then using Airdrop is the best option. But if you want to transfer a bigger number of contacts then It will be a headache for you because this method allows you to transfer one contact at a time. So if you are worried about copying your contact list to a new iPhone device then here are the three most reliable and convenient options for you to transfer your contacts to your new device.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Transfer Via iCloud/iTunes:

Transfer Via iCloud Backup:

With the help of iCloud backup, you can transfer your contacts as well as your other data including media files and settings. For copying your contacts follow the steps and don’t miss a single detail.

  • Connect both devices to the Wi-Fi.
  • Using your Old iPhone open the setting app.
  • Tap on your profile then open the iCloud bar
  • Select the Backup Now option.
  • Sign in through your Apple ID on your new phone.
  • Tap Restore from iCloud backup upon reaching Apps & Data.
  • Wait until Transferred.
Transfer via iCloud

Transfer Via iCloud Sync:

If you missed backup somehow and started using your new phone, still you can transfer your contacts easily with some clicks with iCloud sync.

  • Start by connecting both devices to Wi-Fi.
  • Then sign in to both devices with the same Apple ID.
  • Open setting app on your old as well as on your new iPhone.
  • Then open your Profile then head towards iCloud on both devices.
  • Select and on the contact bar on your old as well as a new phone
  • Tap the Merge option upon popping the notification.
  • Now, you have synced your contacts between two devices.
  • Refresh your screen by pulling it down.
Transfer vis iCloud sync
copy via iCloud sync

Transfer Via iTunes:

You can use iTunes for transferring your contacts instead of iCloud. for following this procedure you must have a PC and the latest version of the iTunes app.

  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Plugin your old device on your PC.
  • Follow the instructions upon popping the notification on the screen.
  • Allow access to your device.
  • Select your device icon on top of the toolbar.
  • Click on the left sidebar on the info option.
  • Select sync contacts by tick mark and then apply.
  • Click on the sync option that appears at the bottom and let the sync finish.
  • Now unplug your old device from your PC and plug in your new device
  • Again Follow instructions until going to the Info section.
  • Enable the sync contact option.
  • Open the Advanced section by scrolling down keys.
  • Tick mark contacts in replace information on this phone section.

Now transfer all the previously synced contacts to your new device

Tranfer via iTunes

A transfer without iCloud/iTunes:

You’ll only be able to apply the above methods if you are able to use iCloud or iTunes, but what if you are unable to use these options. If you are not allowed to use iCloud or iTunes. Then you are recommended to choose a different path for transferring your contacts from your old device to your new device. Some of the most convenient options are elaborated for you.

Transfer Via Gmail:

If you are not using the iCloud option then you can transfer your contacts using your Gmail account in some clicks

  • Open the setting app on your old iPhone.
  • Select Passwords & Accounts.
  • Tap on Add Account and then select Google
  • By entering the required information on the Gmail account tap on the Next option.
  • Enable contacts to sync your contacts on Gmail and then save
  • When contacts are done syncing. Also, sync your Gmail contacts to your new device.

you can use this method of copying contacts on selected iPhone devices which allows these settings.

Transfer via Gmail

Transfer Via SIM Card:

You can also use your SIM card for transferring contacts if saved on your sim card because iPhone doesn’t allow to store contacts on SIM cards.

  • Put the SIM card in your new device.
  • Then open the setting app and then go to contacts.
  • It will show the import SIM contacts option when you select it your saved contacts will start appearing on your new device.
move via sim card

Transfer Via AnyTrans App:

AnyTrans is an iPhone data management tool that is used to safely transfer files from iPhone without losing information. you can easily transfer thousands of your contacts within seconds. This app only supports the latest iPhone 13 and IOS15.

  • Run Trans App on your PC.
  • Plugin both your devices on your PC.
  • Select device manager.
  • Now, Select your source device.
  • Choose the contacts you want to copy.
  • Select your targeted device and copy.
via anytrans app

You can download AnyTrans by clicking on the link below.


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