Mostly in the Islamic religion, Hijab is compulsory for women to hide themselves to cover them from nonmahram, how to wear instant Hijab elevate the beauty of women. in Urdu dictionary another meaning of Hijab is ayah. however, the Hijab shows modesty, and simplicity which represent your look gorgeously. In modern times not only Muslims Women are wearing Hijab even though modern and non-Muslim women really like to wear and it gives them an awesome look for concealing their privacy. Veil can protect you from devil eyes. Furthermore, there are plenty of advantages to wearing Hijab. some women don’t have any proper idea of how to wear instant Hijab is not so much complicated or time taking.

Muhammad Bilal

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How to wear instant Hijab with some rules

Dressing is a very prominent component of your personality which represent your inner personality. Therefore wearing a dress and also a Hijab has some rules. when you wear any dress you must have a knowledge of how to wear and why to wear it. similar Hijab has some rules.

  • Do not display your beauty
  • Hairs and head should be covered
  • Take it properly
  • Not wear a transparent scarf
  • Pinned tightly
  • Try to not visible your extended part of the body
  • Try to not wear tight clothe or Abya.
  • Wear attractively not hectically

Types of how to wear instant Hijab style

Women are carrying different styles of Hijab according to their personalities. However, it depends on the situation where they have to carry which style of Hijab like in religious ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, official meetings, etc. Furthermore, Being a spokesperson I will share some style and steps how to wear instant Hijab.

  • Simple Hijab
  • Hijab with Causal outfit
  • Burqa and Hijab
  • Hijab with a winter cap
  • Hijab with gown
  • Turkish style Hijab
  • Arabic style Hijab
  • Styles for wedding hijab
  • Hijab style for party
  • The style for school Hijab

How to wear instant simple Hijab step by step

  1. Firstly, take a flexible and adjustable triangular shape long scarf
  2. Secondly, take on a simple thin Hijab cap
  3. Then, wrapped it over your head
  4. Also, pin-up both visible sides of the scarf below the chin
  5. Then, take one corner of the scarf and pinned it on the left side of the shoulder
  6. take the same corner of the scarf which is pinned on the shoulder again
  7. Finally, flipped it back to the right corner and spread it front and back

Hijab with Burqa

  1. Firstly, wear a Burqa
  2. Then, take a wide long scarf
  3. Secondly, place your scarf directly on your head
  4. Then, left one side coroner of Hijab left layers
  5. Thirdly, hold the long side of the scarf and wrap it around the face without a pin
  6. Then, wrap at the front side of the head and repeat this process as you want to puts layers
  7. Also, tie scarf ends at the opposite shoulder
  8. Finally, use broach in the mid of layers to look attractive

Hijab with causal outfit Instantly

  1. Chose contract color of scarf with outfit
  2. Take a long and wide scarf
  3. Place it your on head simply
  4. Flipped it around your face 1 or more time
  5. Tie fronted visible corner at shoulder with pin.
  6. Set properly front layers

Hijab with cap in winter

  1. Pick up winter cap and warm scarf
  2. Put your winter cap on your head before wrapping scarf
  3. Set it properly cover your head and ears
  4. Place scarf over your cap and tie it with small pins
  5. Tie both side of scarf below the chin
  6. Take long part of scarf from behind and puts layers one by one step.

Hijab with gown

  1. Take a ready made pine less scarf in rounded shape
  2. Tie your hairs with high bun
  3. Wrapped rounded scarf over your head
  4. Put different crown broach style over scarf and bun
  5. Pinned it tightly.

Turkish instant Hijab style


  1. Take simple scarf
  2. Tie your hairs with bun or make bun of your hairs
  3. Replace cap at your head and half at your forehead
  4. Put scarf on cap and tie tightly at back side of neck
  5. Knot the both side of scarf and fold corner of scarf under wrapped scarf on you head


Arabic style

  1. Take a scarf
  2. Pile up your hairs with high bun
  3. Wrap scarf several time your head as make possible it high
  4. Makes layers during wrapping step by steps
  5. Puts pin on layers to make it tight
  6. Left fall of one side scarf corner over your shoulder

Wedding wearing Hijab style


  1. Firstly, just take a simple silk dupatta with short length
  2. Secondly, in round shape
  3. Then, wrap it over your head with simple matapati
  4. Also, pin it around your neck
  5. Finally, put bridal dupatta over it with side broach


Hijab style for party


  1. Firstly, take a funky silk scarf
  2. Secondly, spread around it your neck
  3. Then, take a one long corner of scarf
  4. wrapped it step by step it over head for layers
  5. Finally, pin the ending corner with elegant broach at right /left side of head.


Instant wearing Hajib for school

  1. Firstly, take simple scarf
  2. Secondly, take a cap
  3. Thirdly, wrapped cap before scarf
  4. Then, replace scarf over cap
  5. pinned it from both sides below chin
  6. Then, take one side of scarf and wrapped it over head at several time
  7. Finally, fall one side of scarf on front