How to Perform Janazah Prayer-(Salatul Janazah)

Deceased’s last rituals in every religion are different from others, In Islam, there are many stages of last rituals which end on Janazah prayer (Salatul Janaza). When a Muslim dies, It’s the order of Allah (SWT) and His Messenger ( P.B.U.H) to clean the deceased body and perform his funeral Prayer Salat al Janazah.

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Janazah Prayer (Salatul Janazah)

Janazah Prayer is one Rakat prayer, without Ruku and Sujood for seeking forgiveness for the deceased as well as all deceased Muslims. Muslim pray Janazah prayer in the congregation. However, it can also perform by one person. There will be no prayer call or Adan for Janazah prayer, performing a funeral prayer is Fard e Kafaya, which means if one Muslim performs prayer it completes duty on behalf of every Muslim. But if no one performs then each and every Muslim is accountable for negligence.

Salatul Janazah In Hadith

The reward for Attending Funeral Prayer

Attending funerals and performing prayer for deceased Muslims has great rewards according to the authentic Hadith Prophet (SAW) said:

"Who accompanies the funeral procession till he offers the funeral prayer for it, will have a reward equal to one qirat. And whoever accompanies it till burial, will get a reward equal to two qirats." Sahabah (R.A) questioned " what are two qirats?. He(SAW) replied, "Liked two huge mountains". (Sahih Bukhari Hadith#1325)

Saying Four Takbir in Funeral prayer

The funeral prayer is one Rakat prayer with four Takbir, in Sahih Hadith, it narrated that

" Prophet (SAW) informed about the death of An- Najash on the day he died. He (SAW) went out with us to the Musalla and we aligned in rows and He (SAW) said four Takbir for An-Najash funeral prayer." (Sahih Bukhari Hadith # 1333)

Reciting Surah Fatiha in Funeral Prayer

Reciting Surah Fatiha in Janazah prayer is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW), as Narrated by Talha bin Abdullah bin Auf (RA)

" I offered the funeral prayer behind Ibn Abbas (RA) and he recited Al-Fatiha and said," you should know that reciting Surah Al Fatiha is the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)." (Sahih Bukhari Hadith #1335)"

How to Pray Janazah Step by Step

Step 1 Clean Yourself through Wudu

Before attending the Salatul Janazah of a Muslim it's compulsory to clean yourself by doing Wudu (Ablution), if you are unable to perform Wudu then do Tayammum in place. Without doing Wudu prayers are invalid.

Step 2 Stand Behind Imam

Stand behind the Imam facing Qibla, If a deceased person is a man then the Imam will stand facing qibla in a way that the deceased body is placed horizontally in front of him and he stands beside the deceased's head, and in this case of women Imam will stands in the middle of the deceased body. People will stand behind the Imam while offering prayer. Rows should be in odd numbers i-e 3,5,7.

Step 3 Make Niyyah for Janazah Prayer

Start funeral prayer by making niyyah or intention by saying "I intend to offer four Takbeer prayers for the forgiveness of deceased from Allah SWT, all pleasing for Allah, and Durood for Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Step 4Raise Hands Up To Ears for Initial Takbeer

Follow Imam when he raises his hands up to his ears by saying Takbeer loudly. You will also do the same by raising both of your hands up to your ears saying Takbeer.

Step 5 Tie your Hands Below the Navel

After saying Takbeer, tie both of your hands below the navel in a way that the right hand is over the left hand. Standing in this position recite Tauz and then recite Sana.

Step 6Say Second Takbeer

Staying in the same position recite the second Takbeer. You can raise your hands up to your ears or leave them tied. Both ways are permitted.

Step 7 Recite Darood

Now staying in the same position with tied hands below the navel. Then recite Darood e Ibrahimi the one prayed in namaz.

Step 8 Say Third Takbeer

Now recite third Takbeer, you can recite while hands tied or can take your hands up to your ears. Both ways are permitted.

Step 9Recite Dua for Deceased

Then recite dua for the forgiveness of the deceased. There are a number of salatul Janazah dua that you can recite in Janazah. One can also recite Surah Al Fatiha is a supplication for a deceased person.

Step 10Say Fourth Takbeer

Recite the fourth and last Takbeer of funeral prayer, you can raise your hands up to your ears or let them as they are.

Step 11Offer Salam on both Right and Left Sides

Once you had recited the final Takbeer drop your arms straight and then offer salam towards the right side and then towards the left side as done in regular prayers.



Rules of Funeral Prayer

  • The body of the deceased should be present while performing prayer.
  • More than one person's funeral prayer can be performed at a time. All bodies should be lying horizontally in front of an imam in a position where one's head is in line with the other's feet and the other feet is in line with the other head.
  • You can pray while wearing shoes if your shoes are clean. Otherwise, you can put your feet on your handkerchief.
  • The earth should be pure on which prayer is performed.
  • Rows should be made in odd numbers 3,5,7,9.
  • Suppose if there are seven-person present for performing prayer then one should be imam, three people stand in the first row, two stand in the second row, and one stands in the third row.
  • Dua for a person who died in a state of madness is the same as dua for a young girl or boy.
  • If one misses Janazah prayer and joins later is known as masbuq, he can join prayer until imam offering salam. once iam had offered sala and he joins then he will only say three Takbeers and make dua for the deceased person and makes salam. If he thinks that body of the deceased will be taken away for burial then he just has to say Takbeers without dua.


Do you need wudu for Janazah prayer?2022-10-18T18:06:48+05:00

Yes, you have to perform wudu before praying Janazah. Purification is a must for any prayer in Islam if you are unable to perform wudu then you have to perform Tayammum instead of wudu.

How many Takbeer are there in janaza?2022-10-18T18:03:29+05:00

There are four Takbeerat in the Janazah prayer. The person has to say takbeer after the imam, the first takbeer is after making an intention for Janazah, then a second takbeer after reciting Sana, the third takbeer after reciting Durood and the fourth and final takbeer after reciting surah Fatiha.

How many Rakats is Janazah?2022-10-18T17:58:40+05:00

The Janazah prayer consists of One Rakat that is performed behind the Imam. There are four Takbeerat in Janazah prayers and the prayer is performed in a congregation but in some cases, only one person is also allowed to perform the Janazah prayer.

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