Phones are storage units for all files. What if we lost our data accidentally is it possible to recover deleted files from an android phone. Digitalization makes life much easier for mankind but it comes with some hassles. Losing data is common trouble nowadays and recovering it has many options.

Recovering deleted files from android phones is an easy and simple task.  As they have numerous options for recovery. Many times we either intentionally or unintentionally delete files from android phones. Then seek some reliable help to recover those files. Now with the help of some basic knowledge, you can easily recover your files on your own.

The file erases from the device after deleting. In actuality it is still present on our device by tapping on the delete button we send a command to android to erase the file from a pinpointed location. The system works on erasing it and the file will no longer be visible. But inside the system, it is still protected and can be recovered unless they are overwritten with new data. make sure to recover files as soon as possible.

Ways to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

Recover from Recycle Bin

Many android devices came along in-built recycle bin that allows you to restore files. If your videos or images are accidentally deleted you can visit this option for recovery. When a file is deleted it goes to recycle bin on Android phones and is stored there for a maximum of 15- 20 days. Each device has its own period for storing files. if your device doesn’t have an inbuilt recycle bin you can easily download a third-party app from the Google store free of cost.

Open Gallery on your android device then tap on three dots on the top right corner of the screen head towards Recycle Bin option and enable it. Enabling recycle bin will allow you to restore deleted images and videos easily by opening recycle bin folder in the gallery and then restoring files of your choice.

recover from recycle bin

Recover from Android Backup

A backup is an option that will protect your data including images, videos, contacts, emails, and other documents whether you delete them or if some kind of mishap happens to your android device. various android devices provide backup services through which you can store your data and restore it if deleted.

Navigate toward setting app in your device, select general settings, and then tap on Restore and Backup, you can easily restore deleted files by continuing selecting files. You can use this method for deleted files, it also saves your entire data.

recover from android backup

Recover from Google Photos & Google Drive

Deleted files can be recovered by seeking Google tools help, you can use Google Photos backup to restore deleted videos or photos and you can use Google Drive to restore other deleted files. Make sure to enable the Backup setting in both tools so you can restore deleted stuff from trash folders in tools, deleted files remain in the trash for a minimum of 15 days and you can recover them

Be sure your important data is already backed up and when files get deleted navigate to Google Photos or Google Drive according to file type then tap on three lines on the top left corner of the screen open the trash folder ad then restore selected files. Files will automatically be saved on previously used locations.

through google tools

Recover Files from Software

If you didn’t back up your android device and wondering how to recover deleted files from your android phone’s internal memory so tons of data recovery software are available on the Google store which can help you recover data most of them require a phone rooting. many android users want a simple method for recovery without rooting their phones. UltData is a tool that helps you in recovering files without rooting your phone.

UltData is an in-app purchase tool available on the Google play store which scan your deleted files free of cost however you have to purchase its pro version to restore files. You can use this app with 2 different methods for restoring data.

through software

Recover Files through USB Debugging

  • You can retrieve photos, videos, messages, and contacts using this tool.
  • Install UltData in your windows or Mac
  • Connect your phone to the PC through USB debugging
  • Run the UltData tool on your PC
  • Select the lost data feature by clicking on the option
  • Then tap on the file type you want to recover
  • Easily restore your data in a simple click

You can download UltData for Windows or Mac by clicking on the link below


recover through usb debugging

Recover files through App

UltData can also help you in recovering files without a PC, if you are thinking about how to recover files on android without a computer then this app is your one and last stop to recover your files without rooting your phone.

  • Install the UltData app from Google Play Store
  • Allow access to your files
  • Choose the file type which you want to recover
  • Select the file to recover
  • You can purchase feature to further proceed
  • Now you can restore your files and save them on your phones.

You can download UltData easily by Clicking on the link below


recover through app

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