We always wonder about Tracking our family or friends’ location. The first thing that comes to our mind is how to track someone’s Location Using Cellphone is it even possible? The answer is “Yes” you can track someone’s location using your phone. When we talk about tracking a location, there are numerous reasons for tracking a person’s location.

Parents often want to know their child’s location for security concerns or we want to look after an elderly person in our family for their safety. You can even find your lost phone.

So, If you want to track a person’s location then the best way is by cellphone. If you and your person of interest both use phones then it is super easy for you to track them.

Track a Person’s Location Via Cellphone:

Nowadays with the help of modern technology, you can easily track a person’s location and share it. Tracking a location has numerous reasons but mainly includes security concerns for family and friends.

Find My Device:

Almost all the latest mobile phones have a built-in app that is used for locating devices. This native app is found both on Android as well as on IOS phones. You’re supposed to use this feature if your device is lost or stolen but you can also use it to locate your minor as well as an elderly family member.

  • You must enable “Find My Device ” on your child or other family member’s phone.
  • You should remember their Google id and password.
  • Go to android.com/find
  • Sign in to your account and select Phone.
  • The person will get the notification.
  • and you can track your cell phone’s current location easily.
Find my Device

GPS Tracking Via Phone Network:

Finding location by their phone is done by GPS tracking and it is mainly done by Cellular network providing companies. When a person registers on a cellular network then there is an agreement between the person and company to not disclose his location except in some rare cases. and if you want to go with this procedure you must take permission from higher authorities so that company can provide you with the accurate location of a person.

Phone number tracking will work in a specific way by letting you track a person in a specific radius with reference to cell towers.

Spy Apps:

GPS location tracking with phone numbers is not possible for everyone because it requires permission from authorities, so what should we do to track someone with a phone number? you can use spy apps and it is the best way to do this job. there are many spy apps available on the play store.

This software can easily be installed on someone’s phone and they acquire their location activities and share it with you. There is a number of spy apps but not all work for you you must have to check and then select a suitable app for you to use.

Google has recently launched the app Google Family Link which gave parents access to control their children’s devices and keep an eye on their activities. with the help of this app, you can keep track of your Child’s location whenever they are away from home or vice versa this app has several other wonderful features of parental control.

  • Download Google Family Link from the play store.
  • Open the app and add the required information.
  • Sign in with your as well as your child’s account.
  • Now you can access your child’s location as well as their other activities.
Google Family Link

Download the app by clicking on the link below:


Website for Tracking:

You can also use websites for tracking someone’s location. There are tons of websites that claim to provide tracking services but you should go with a reliable one here we search for an amazing website that provides you tracking services Celltrack. eu/login will help you to track someone easily.

  • Click above mentioned link
  • Create an account on Celltrack.
  • Then Buy coins with a one-time top-up.
  • After you have enough credits you can track a person’s location in 3 different ways.
Websites for tracking

Telecom Trace:

When selecting this option you can trace a person’s location with his phone number without his knowledge. it will cost you 1 credit point when you enter the phone number of the target it will share information about the owner as well as the location of the number.

GPS Trace:

GPS trace will work in the way that the target receives an unknown message containing a tracking link and when he will click on the link you will be able to access his location through the mail. This will cost you 2 credit points.

Social Media Trace:

In this option, you will track someone’s location by sending a link through any social media channel you have to generate a link through Celltrack and copy it on your desired chat when a target opens this link you will mail by his location.

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