Drawing is a form of picture made from pen, pencil, colors, or crayons. Drawing animals from numbers is a new technique that is used by parents and teachers to enhance drawing abilities in kids. However, Just like there are thousands of drawing types, there are thousands of ways for learning this art.

Moreover, drawing is a fun art activity for kids as well as for adults. Also, teaching your kid how to draw animals will help in their brain development, studies suggest kids who are exposed to art and crafts will have better brain development. Also, Artwork not just reduces anxiety and depression in adults but also improves EQ in children.

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How to Draw Animals From Numbers

Drawing is considered a delightful activity for kids as they enjoy discovering this skill, kids are interested to learn new things and also they want innovation in learning which makes their activity more pleasant. Furthermore, Animals are always a great source of models for learning to draw in easy steps. Children love animals and use their creativity to explain their imaginations about animals and their environment. Let's take a look into a new technique through which we taught how to draw animals step by step for kids by using numbers in a fun way. Using the simple methods and stpes mentioned below you can teach how to draw animals for kids.

Step 1 How to Draw a Cow

You can teach how to draw animals step by step kids, a cow is a farm animal that produces milk and other dairy products. you can use the number 0 in drawing a cow. use a whiteboard to draw a cow and ask your kid to repeat steps on paper.

  • Firstly, Give the kid paper and a pencil
  • Secondly, Onboard write the number 0
  • Draw the eyes and mouth of a cow inside number 0
  • Then draw a half rectangle on top of the number 0
  • From the bottom right end of the rectangle draw the cow's abdominal area connecting to the bottom of number 0 through the cow's legs.
  • At last, Finish by drawing the cow's ears, tail, and horn.
How to draw a Cow

Step 2How to Draw a Hedgehog

Hedgehog is a spiny mammal with 17 different species, they can roll themselves into a tight ball for self-defense. you can teach kids to draw a hedgehog with number 1 easily at home or at school by following easy steps.

  • Board, Pencil, Paper
  • Firstly, Give child paper and pencil
  • Meanwhile, On the whiteboard write the number 1
  • Secondly, Draw pointed hairs of hedgehog from the top right corner of number 1
  • Then draw a hedgehog ear on mid of the number
  • Connect hairs making oval shapes to ears in a way that it will form a hedgehog's body.
  • At last, finish by drawing a face and pointed nose.
Draw a Hedgehog

Step 3 How to Draw a Swan

Swans are known for their beautiful long neck and white feathers, they are one of the largest flying birds in the world. you can teach kids to draw a swan by using the number 2.

  • Firstly, Start by writing number 2 on white board
  • Then draw a sharp beak from the head of number 2
  • Now, Draw neck line from beak to end point of number 2 to make swan's body
  • Finish by adding details of feathers and eyes
How to draw a swan

Step 4 How to Draw a Butterfly

Butterflies are the most pretty and unique creatures, there are thousands of butterflies species and every butterfly has a different pattern on its wings. You can teach drawing butterflies by using the number 3

  • Firstly, Start by writing the number 3 on board or paper.
  • Then draw the butterfly's body attached to number 3
  • On the opposite side again write the number 3 in opposite direction connecting to the body.
  • Finally, Draw the face and add other small details.
How to draw a butterfly

Step 5How to Draw a Fish

Fish is a cold-blooded animal that lives in water and breathe through gills, there are thousands of fish species found in different waters. you can teach kids to draw a fish by using the number 4.

  • Start by writing number 4 on whiteboard or paper
  • Then draw an oval shape from the end of number 4 to make fish's body
  • Draw gills and eyes
  • Finish by adding small details
How to draw a Fish

Step 6How to Draw a Lion

The lion is the king of the jungle as said, it is a wild animal. Lions are the only cats that live in groups. You can teach kids to draw a lion by using the number 5.

  • Start by writing number 5 on paper or whiteboard.
  • Draw a Lion's Teeth inside number 5 tummy
  • Then draw head from top right end of number 5
  • Draw legs and body .
  • Finish by adding eyes and tail.
How to draw a Lion